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Riding Through the Bluegrass State

Kentucky has lots to offer motorcyclists of all kinds. So many scenic routes await you in the Bluegrass State – so named due to the bluegrass found all over its pastures thanks to fertile soil. Highlighted by horse farms, caves and caverns, abundant rivers, and the Kentucky Appalachian mountains, Kentucky is a biker’s dream. Time your visit right and you can catch the Kentucky Derby and visit all the historical sites of Lincoln, Daniel Boone and the Underground Railroad,

KY 89: Running along Rockcastle River and Indian Creek, this route is shaded in trees punctuated with plenty of curves to keep it fun. Hop on the KY 89 east from KY 490 near Livingston, ending up in McKee.

Cave Run Lake Loop: Characterized by long majestic turns, the trees are in full bloom in the spring. Sweeping turns and twists are what you can expect from this well-maintained road.

Natural Bridge to London: You’ll start out in Red River Gorge then you’ll go around the Daniel Boone National Forest on this curvy road with lots of hills and vales. Switch to your lower gears if you can. It was recently paved in the last few years so it makes for a smooth ride.

Russell Cave Road: For gorgeous sweeping views of pastures and horses, Russell Cave Road is a must-see. It’s basically straight but does have a few hills thrown in for thrills. If you’re in Cynthia, KY, take Highway 62 to Route 353.

Tates Creek Road: Running from Lexington to Richmond, this one has lots of pretty scenery to take in thanks to rolling green farmland and open vistas. You’ll travel over a river for added measure. Just watch out for the bumps that you’ll find throughout this route.

Elk Creek Winery Loop: Ride past farms and small towns on this route through Owenton, KY. The road is well marked and is comprised of two lanes. Just be careful on your speed, as it does meander through several small towns with posted speed limits.

Options Abound

Overall, there are various tours offered by operators throughout the state of Kentucky. You don’t always have to strike out on your own. You can leave it up to professionals to coordinate a route for you. Some tours travel through the heart of the state, starting off in the foothills of the Appalachians right at the Kentucky-Tennessee border and stretching north further into the Bluegrass State.

You can tour the Central Heartlands, Mammoth Cave National Park area, Mississippi River Trail, Midland Kentucky, Underground Railroad, Southern Lakes, or the TransAmerica Bike Trail. The choice is yours, and good thing there are so many options! You’ll never tire of touring Kentucky. If getting your bike there poses a challenge, enlist the help of a trusted motorcycle shipper to help.

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