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Motorcycling news from around the globe

So, what has been going on in the world of motorcycling around the globe? If you would like to catch up on motorcycling news, tips, trips and other pieces of information, then you have come to the right place;

  1. Man shoots at girlfriend’s motorcycle

Now, the fact that there is no love lost between motorcyclists and some funny people out there is something that we have mentioned a couple of times on this blog. It’s hardly surprising, therefore, that we kick off this segment with the news that a Mesilla man (Mesilla is in New Mexico, in the United States), has fallen foul of the law after attacking his girlfriend’s motorcycle.

The “lovers” had apparently been fighting when, in a fit of rage, David Spilsbury, reportedly fired two rounds at the motorcycle. We are not really sure what the poor bike had done to deserve this kind of abuse, but better the motorcycle than the girlfriend, right?

  1. The electric scooter/motorcycle madness.

When we wrote about electric motorcycles a while back, we thought that these would remain on the fringes of the motorcycling world well into the foreseeable future. This, as it turns out, was a not so accurate a prediction.

If you have been following motorcycling news from around the globe, you will have noticed that hardly a week goes by without some manufacturer announcing that they are introducing electric bikes into their line-up.

So, if you are one of those that frown at the prospect of the world going electric, then, you better move to the next galaxy because, as it turns out, there can be no turning back. Motorcycle News reported on the 22nd of March 2018 that Kymco, a Japanese motorcycle manufacturer, recently unveiled an electric scooter that, it is claimed, has the best recharge times and comes with removable batteries.

The issue of range has always been an encumbrance when it comes to electric vehicles and if Kymco has, as it claims, eliminated this challenge, then we can expect electric motorcycles to gain traction on the market within the next couple of years.

  1. MotoGP: Brake Problems Haunt Jorge Lorenzo

In a little bit of MotoGP news, Jorge Lorenzo lost another chance to make his debut win on the Ducati after crashing in Qatar due to brake failure. The biker is reported to have rued the fact that the crash occurred just as he was getting “more and more comfortable,” on the bike and was gaining in on the lead group. Oh well. At least he was able to walk away from the crash!

  1. 57 500 Pounds for John Lennon’s Monkey Bike

So, what is it that makes one bike more expensive than the next? How about the fact that it was previously owned by a celebrity? Take John Lennon’s 1969 Honda Z50 monkey bike as an example.

The bike was recently sold for an eye water 57 500 pounds, which only goes to show that life is mainly about who you know and who you have previously been associated with.

  1. They are now making motorcycles in Russia

One bit of news that will be of interest, considering the times, is that they are now making motorcycles in Russia. Okay, they probably have been manufacturing bikes down there (or is it up there?) for quite some time.

However, the newsworthy thing about this one is that it comes with all wheel drive and can fit into a suitcase. Yes, you heard that right! The Taurus 2*2 actually looks a bit intimidating, which makes it surprising that the thing can be dismantled in less than 5 minutes.

The bike comes with a Honda GX-210 engine which moves it at a leisurely 21 miles per hour. Its hefty wheels allow it to be ridden in snow, hail, and on mountains. It even claims to be able to float across rivers!

  1. Non-profit surprises deployed marine by fixing his motorcycle.

Finally, here is a bit of a feel good story. A Marine recently returned home from deployment in Korea and Japan to find that a local Non-profit had restored his bike. Okay, so Staff Sgt Billy Grube also happens to be the president of Bikes 4 Blessings in Jacksonville. However, he had absolutely no idea that other members would repair his bike while he was on a tour of duty.

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