Ride, Ship, Haul or Rent: That is the Question!

Most of your vacation plans likely involve your motorcycle, so you probably spend much of your time wondering how to approach the whole thing. The decision to ride your bike the whole time, ship it one way, haul it behind you or just rent when you get to your destination will take many factors into consideration. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons to each approach.



Pros: This one’s obvious – you get the most time on your bike! In addition to that, you know the nuances of your bike, how it handles, and what its capabilities are. Plus, your expenses are pretty simple: gas and oil.


Cons: You have some limits when it comes to how much you can ride in a day (night descends as early as 4 p.m. in the Northeast in winter), as well as limits posed by distance and weather. You have to make sure your bike is up for the trip, and consider all the wear and tear you’ll be putting on it.




Pros: By towing or hauling your bike behind your truck, you’re increasing greatly the distance you can get in. You’re cutting down on wear and tear by only using your bike at your destination, plus the trailer gives you a great storage option for your gear.


Cons: Besides the outright cost of buying a trailer or tow rig, which can be very expensive, you’re limited your parking spot availability, not to mention increasing the difficulty of maneuvering a space or even navigating traffic.




Pros: For those who want to take a one-way trip through the United States or Canada, motorcycle shipping is an ideal option. You can get a quick quote online and book your shipment fast, plus you get peace of mind knowing your bike will be securely fastened in an enclosed trailer for a safe trip. Send your bike ahead and meet it at the closest designated destination for pick-up, with no wear and tear, no need for repeated fill-ups on gas or oil, and no chance for costly repairs.


Cons: Depending on where you’re going and how far it is, the cost for shipping can be prohibitive for some people. Although it can be a financially strapping option for some, though, it can be more economical when you factor in wear and tear, gas, your lodging, time off work, etc. that comes when you ride your bike the whole trip.




Pros: Renting a bike allows you to travel to your destination on your own, bike-free and hassle-free, then rent the motorcycle of your choice when you arrive. This is a great time to test out a new type of bike to see if you like it. Most bikes at the dealership where you will be renting are current year models, so you get the best of the best.


Cons: The cost to rent a bike can be upwards of $100 a day. For a week-long trip, that’s a hefty investment for a bike that’s not yours. You’re responsible for any dings or scratches left on the vehicle, plus you still have to spend money on fuel.


No matter which option you choose for motorcycle travel, it’s sure to be a blast with friends and family. Just be sure to do your research on the best option for you. And remember: AA Motorcycle Shipping offers quick, convenient online quotes and affordable prices.



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