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Gone are the days that a woman’s place on a motorcycle is hanging on for dear life from the back seat. They have stepped up to the front seat and have adopted a take no passenger’s attitude. More and more, women are taking to the road solo, whether it be on an off-road adventure bike trip from one side of a country to another, or on a fully dressed cruiser, just to feel the wind in their hair for an extended road trip. There’s no stopping them and are a full force in the biker economy and population.

Recently, I have discovered a Vlog series called Itchy Boots. This is a young Dutch named Noraly, who travels the world solo on a small adventure bike, plotting her routes from one place to another with as much off-road activity as possible. She goes out of her way to find the most difficult mountain passes and trails to test her bike riding skills and explore parts of the world that are not often found. Her most recent season, which is the sixth is called Project Alaska. In 8 months, she has travelled from Patagonia, the most southern tip of the South American continent to Alaska, the most northern tip of North America. All on her own on her small CFR Rally. This video series is shot by her and her array of go pros and drones. She captures the beauty of the landscapes and meets the locals. It’s shaping her determination and grit and most of all, her fearlessness of travelling alone in unchartered territories, testing both her own boundaries and the fortitude of her motorcycle. I highly recommend checking her out at

Another interesting woman on a bike is Carolyn from She covers all these questions as a female motorcyclist set out to break the stereotype that has log been engrained in motorcycle culture. My favorite episode of hers is the one where she attends the Sturgis Motorcycle rally, solo and breaks down the stereotypes of women at rallies. It’s not to say it, doesn’t exist and there are many willing participants, but if you want to attend as a serious motorcyclist, it’s possible as a woman and you will not be shunned, laughed at or treated badly. Carolyn wears a hidden camera and attends the rally, filming her activities and interactions. Obviously, there are the bike enthusiasts and the partiers. She focuses on the enthusiasts and I am pleasantly surprised at what we see. Most of the time she is treated with respect, equality and enthusiasm. Carolyn knows her stuff about bikes, is a girly girl and is in no way a “biker chick”. But her attitude, knowledge and ability enable her to be treated like anyone else attending the rally.

These are just two small examples of how woman have entered the previously male dominated industry and are holding their own. We live in a new world, where, lines are no longer drawn. One must be judged by what they have to offer. Beyond that, nothing else matters.

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