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Best motorcycles under $10 000

What are the best motorcycles under $10 000? The year is fast approaching its midpoint and, perhaps not surprisingly, a lot has been happening in the world of motorcycling. August sees the holding of the Sturgis Motorcycling Rally, one of the biggest events of its kind across the globe. That, however, is still a few weeks off.

Buying a new motorcycling is never easy. For one thing there is always, if you are thinking about replacing an existing bike, the ever present feeling that you are betraying a trusted friend. It feels like cheating right? In any case, once your decision has been made, there is also the prospect of coming up with a shortlist of the best candidates for your needs. This article is aimed at helping you make the right decision.

Best Motorcycles

If you are confused, then, we are here to help you. After carrying out extensive research, we have come up with this shortlist of some of the best motorcycles that can be found out there. Our guide should help you keep track of some of the developments within the industry. So, which are some of the best motorcycles that have been released onto the market so far this year?

Yamaha Bolt

The 2017 Yamaha Bolt is definitely one of the greatest motorcycles that have been released onto the market so far this years. If you are looking for a combination of looks, comfort and power, then, this is the bike that you should go for.


The Bolt starts at $7999 which, for the package, is a considerable steal. Price is, understandably, one of the major considerations when making your motorcycle purchasing decision. Although not the cheapest bike that can be found out there, the Yamaha Bolt definitely gives you enough bang for your buck.


The Bolt has a 58-cubic-inch (942cc) SOHC V-twin engine. The engine is air cooled and has four valves. This gives it a compression ratio of 9.0:1. It has a transistor controlled ignition and comes with a 5 speed multi-plate wet clutch transmission.

This high-tech engine is guaranteed to give the ride of a lifetime. Its compact body give it a kind of maneuverability that is unparalleled for cruisers in its range.


The great thing about the bold is that it comes ready for customization. We have previously written an article in which we cover some of the mods that can be carried out on motorcycles. If there are modifications that you have been dying to try out on a bike, then you won’t be disappointed by the Yamaha Bolt.

2017 Honda Rebel

The 2017 edition of this iconic motorcycle from Honda has completely been redone. If you are looking for an entry level ride that looks and feels like a top of the range motorcycle then, you wont go wrong with the Honda Rebel.

This amazing cruiser from Honda comes with low slung seats and a lean angle that makes it fun to ride. It’s blacked out style also makes it a ready canvas as far as customization is concerned.


The 2017 Honda Rebel comes in two configurations; the Rebel 500 and the Rebel 300. The Rebel 500 starts at $5 999 and has a 471 liquid cooled parallel-twin four stroke engine. The sporty engine is narrow, which reduces the motorcycle’s size.

The Rebel 300, on the other hand, starts at $4 399. It comes with a 286CC, liquid cooled single cylinder four stroke engine. This gives it the kind of performance that other manufacturers can only dream of for a bike in its price range.

Suzuki Boulevard M50

If you are looking for a bike that is guaranteed to unleash the adventurous spirit that’s in your soul, then you won’t go wrong with the Suzuki Boulevard M50.


The Suzuki Boulevard M50 is priced starting at $8599, which is more or less what you would expect for a bike of its class.


The M50 comes with a 805CC liquid cooled engine that has a compression ratio of 9.4.2. The engine comes in a V Twin configuration and has an electric starter. The engine itself is powerful enough to give you the kind of oomph that will give you a smile whenever you set out for the open highway.

And if you are on the hunt for customization options, then you won’t be disappointed by the Suzuki M50. It is the type of bike that allows you to go as wild as you would like to be in your modifications.

Harley-Davidson 2017 Street Rod

Harley-Davidson is, without doubt, one of the best known names in motorcycling within the United States-and for good reason. The company makes iconic bikes, as is evidenced by the 2017 Street Rod.


The Street Rod starts at $8699 which, for the kind of performance and looks that you get, is a considerable steal.


The Harley-Davidson Street Rod comes with a 750cc engine that is guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping whenever you sit astride this amazing creation. The Street rod has a high output Revolution X engine, drag style bars and piggyback reservoir rear shocks.

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