Motorcycle Shipping to/from New York City, NY 

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Door-to-Door Motorcycle Shipping


Door-to-Door Motorcycle Shipping

Motorcycle Shipping in New York City, NY 

At AA Motorcycle Shipping, we understand the value and importance of your motorcycle. We offer two convenient methods (Door-to-Door and Door-to-Terminal) when shipping your bike to New York City, NY. Whether you’re sending or receiving your motorcycle, our services ensure a fast and convenient experience. Our guide will help you avoid committing mistakes when choosing the right shipping provider. Let’s explore our two shipping methods in detail including those areas that help you make an informed decision.

Door-to-Door vs Door-to-Terminal

  • Door-to-Door Shipping: With our Door-to-Door shipping option, we provide the convenience of picking up or dropping off your motorcycle anywhere in New York City, NY. This premium service is ideal for those who prioritize utmost convenience and wish to have their bike delivered right to their doorstep. While this method may be slightly more expensive due to the additional logistics involved, it offers unparalleled convenience and peace of mind.
  • Terminal Shipping: Our Terminal shipping option provides a cost-effective alternative. Located at 6 Fitzgerald Avenue, Monroe Township, NJ, our terminal serves as a convenient hub for pickup or drop-off. By opting for terminal shipping, you can save on costs as you won’t be charged for the trucker’s visit to your residence. Many of our customers find it convenient to Uber to or from our terminal, making it an economical choice. Whether you’re shipping to or from New York City, NY, our terminal is the central point for all motorcycle pickups and drop-offs.

Our Terminal Shipping Address

For those utilizing our terminal shipping method, our address in Monroe Township, serves as the hub for all motorcycle shipments to or from New York City.

AA Motorcycle Shipping Terminal
6 Fitzgerald Avenue
Monroe Township, NJ 08831-3729

How to Find the Right Shipping Company

When it comes to choosing a motorcycle shipping company, certain factors demand your attention. Here are the four essential points to consider:

  • Liftgate Trucks: Ensure the company you choose utilizes liftgates on their trucks. At AA Motorcycle Shipping, we prioritize the safety of your motorcycle and exclusively use liftgates to load and unload your bike onto our trucks. Avoid companies that rely on ramps, as they can pose unnecessary risks.
  • Insurance Coverage: Rest assured that every shipment you entrust to us automatically comes with insurance coverage. We provide $7,000 insurance coverage for your motorcycle during transportation. This coverage provides peace of mind, knowing that your bike is protected in the unlikely event of an unforeseen incident.
  • Third-Party Reviews: Transparency and credibility are paramount. We pride ourselves on our positive Google reviews, which reflect the satisfaction of our customers. While there may be a few negative reviews, overall, we maintain a strong reputation. Beware of companies that control their reviews by hosting them on their websites. Independent reviews, such as those on Google, offer unbiased insights into a company’s reliability and service quality.
  • Longevity: Experience speaks volumes. With over four decades in the industry, AA Motorcycle Shipping has been providing exceptional motorcycle shipping services since 1983. Our longevity reflects our commitment to excellence and our ability to adapt to changing customer needs. When choosing a shipping company, it’s crucial to opt for a well-established and trusted provider.

Easy-to-Use Motorcycle Shipping Calculator

To make your experience even more convenient, we offer a user-friendly motorcycle shipping calculator. This accessible tool generates accurate quotes for the cost of your shipping. By simply entering the cities or ZIP codes of origin and destination, including the year, make, and model of your motorcycle, our calculator provides an accurate cost instantly. Once the pricing is displayed, there are 3 buttons to choose: 1) Email Quote 2) Text/SMS Quote 3) Place Order. The price will display and you will have the option to either email it or SMS it to yourself.

Sample of Motorcycle Shipping Rates

To / From New York City, NYDistanceCostEstimated Transit Time
Las Vegas, NV to/from New York City, NY2,470 miles$8002 weeks
Norfolk, VA to/from New York City, NY310 miles$6452-3 days
Chicago, IL to/from New York City, NY790 miles$6895 days
Houston, TX to/from New York City, NY1,420 miles$7351 week
Seattle, WA to/from New York City, NY2,840 miles$8002 weeks
Miami, FL to/from New York City, NY1,090 miles$6891 week
Denver, CO to/from New York City, NY1,620 miles$7351 week
Boston, MA to/from New York City, NY215 miles$6452-3 days
Dallas, TX to/from New York City, NY1,490 miles$7351 week
San Diego, CA to/from New York City, NY2,790 miles$8452 weeks
Military discount upon request via live chat.

NY City’s Main Freeways for Our Truckers

Our truckers navigate the vibrant streets of New York City, NY, to transport motorcycles to our terminal. Here are the three main freeways we’re likely to use:

  • Interstate 95 (I-95): Stretching along the East Coast, I-95 connects New York City to other major cities such as Miami and Boston. Our services benefit from this freeway’s extensive reach, allowing us to efficiently transport motorcycles to and from New York City, NY.
  • Interstate 78 (I-78): This interstate runs from the Holland Tunnel in New York City to Pennsylvania, making it an important thoroughfare for motorcycle shipping. Our truckers utilize I-78 to ensure a smooth and timely transportation process.
  • Interstate 80 (I-80): Serving as a transcontinental route, I-80 traverses the United States from coast to coast. Our truckers may utilize this freeway, especially for shipments that extend beyond the local region, ensuring your motorcycle reaches its destination with ease.

Contact AA Motorcycle Shipping Today

Motorcycle shipping in the vibrant streets of New York City, NY, requires a reliable and efficient service provider. At AA Motorcycle Shipping, we understand the unique needs of motorcycle enthusiasts and offer two shipping methods to meet your needs. Our commitment to safety, insurance coverage, positive third-party reviews, and decades of experience sets us apart from the competition.