Ship A Motorcycle to Switzerland from the USA

We ship motorcycles from the USA to Switzerland and various countries worldwide. We’ll pick up your motorcycle and ship it to Europe, Australia, and Middle East, through door-to-port delivery.

International Motorcycle Shipping Quote


International Motorcycle Shipping Quote

Ship A Motorcycle to Switzerland

Should you require motorcycle shipping services from the USA to Switzerland, rely on AA Motorcycle Shipping to simplify the entire process for you. Whether you’re relocating or selling a motorcycle, we ensure hassle-free shipment to any destination within Switzerland. Before proceeding with your order, familiarize yourself with the essential details outlined below.

To initiate motorcycle shipping from the USA to Switzerland, begin by requesting a complimentary online quote. Provide details such as the Year/Make/Model of your motorcycle, Pickup Zip Code or Departure Port, and the Destination Country (Switzerland), and leave the rest to us!

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Motorcycle to Switzerland

Wondering about the cost of shipping a motorcycle to Switzerland? Simply fill out our online form to receive a personalized quote. Several factors can influence the price, including whether you drive your motorcycle to the port yourself or opt for our truck drivers to pick it up.

Additionally, shipping a smaller motorcycle and selecting an East Coast port can potentially lower costs compared to shipping from the West Coast.

Departure and Arrival Ports

The departure ports from the USA to Switzerland include:

  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Newark, NJ

How Long Does it Take?

It takes a minimum of four to eight weeks for your motorcycle to get from the USA to Switzerland.

On the other end, your motorcycle will arrive in Belgium and will then be trucked or railed to Switzerland.

Roll-On/Roll-Off (RoRo) Shipping

RoRo is ideal for shipping wheeled vehicles such as motorcycles. It stands as our top choice for shipping bikes from the USA to Switzerland. Renowned for its popularity, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency, it offers unparalleled advantages for seamless shipping.

With guaranteed departure and arrival dates, this method ensures the safety of your bike from the elements. Your motorcycle is securely tied to the deck, with no exposure to the ocean, providing peace of mind throughout the journey.

Estimated Transit Time

When shipping a motorcycle to Switzerland, the typical transit time is five weeks via RoRo from the East Coast and six to seven weeks via RoRo from the West Coast.

Required Shipping Documents

To ship a motorcycle to Switzerland, you’ll need to provide the bill of sale.

Customs Broker Details

Upon receiving your documents, we will assign a customs broker to assist you throughout the process.

Destination Handling Charge

As part of our service, we will connect you with a customs clearance broker for handling the destination charges.

Choosing a Switzerland Motorcycle Shipping Company

When selecting a motorcycle shipping company, prioritize their reputation and level of experience. Seek out competitive pricing and high-quality service. Take the time to compare various options, review pricing details, and read feedback from other customers. Don’t hesitate to reach out directly to shipping companies if you have any inquiries or uncertainties.

AA Motorcycle has satisfactorily fulfilled the criteria for choosing the appropriate international motorcycle company for Switzerland:

  • Secure and Dependable Transportation
  • Employing cutting-edge loading tools and vehicles
  • Offering competitive rates for door-to-door motorcycle transportation
  • Access to instant quotes through our online platform or over the phone
  • Online tracking available for real-time shipment monitoring (in specific cases)
  • Bringing decades of established proficiency in motorcycle transportation since 1983

Safety and Security in Shipping Motorcycle

Safety is our top priority in providing motorcycle shipping services in Switzerland. At AA Motorcycle Shipping, we ensure secure transportation by utilizing enclosed trucks. We recommend riders to conduct thorough servicing and inspection of their motorcycles before shipment. Additionally, for enhanced peace of mind, we offer supplementary insurance coverage, safeguarding against any unexpected occurrences during transit.

Palletized vs. Non-Palletized

AA Motorcycle Shipping offers a range of shipping options to accommodate various preferences, including both palletized and non-palletized methods. Non-palletized shipping allows for quicker loading times. On the other hand, palletized shipping involves securing the motorcycle onto a pallet within an enclosed air ride trailer, providing a premium option with shorter transit times.

Palletized Motorcycle Shipping

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Non-Palletized Motorcycle Shipping