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Motorcycle Shipping to Oklahoma. Quick Quote, Quick Price.

Known as the Sooner State, Oklahoma is one of the states our drivers pass through to deliver and pick up motorcycles. We are able to keep our costs so low because our network of drivers passes through the main cities of Oklahoma regularly, namely Oklahoma City or OKC. Enjoy the lowest prices if you are located along the major highways passing through OKC such as I-240 and I-440.

Our drivers make sure your bike gets to you in the same condition as when it left. Whether you’re buying or selling a bike, moving here, participating in a motorcycle rally, or going to school at the University of Oklahoma, we have you covered.

We ship it all: choppers, Harleys, vintage bikes, Yamahas, Ducatis, ATVs, dirt bikes, sport bikes, touring bikes, trikes, jet skis, or snowmobiles. Because we have a real office with real staff, we won’t sell your information as we are not a lead generation company.

Get your free instant quote now by completing our online form or calling us at 888-347-1391. To begin, please give us your zip code and bike type.

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Door-to-Door Motorcycle Transport in Oklahoma

Whatever your reason for calling us, rest easy knowing you won’t be subjected to hidden fees, add-ons, or upsells. All you get are affordable, honest shipping rates to Oklahoma.

Maybe you’re moving here, or maybe you’re buying or selling a bike. If the reason you’re shipping a cycle to Oklahoma is to enjoy an extended stay, permanent move, or vacation, you’re in luck. Oklahoma is full of beautiful motorcycle routes you have to see to believe, such as Route 66 West from Miami to Arcadia, Talimena National Scenic Byway, and Wichita Mountains Scenic Byway.

Why Use AA Motorcycle Shipping for Shipping a Motorcycle to Oklahoma?

When you need a motorcycle shipment to OKC and surrounding areas in Oklahoma, you can confidently select us for these reasons:   

  • State-of-the-art loading equipment and trucks
  • Instant quotes online or via phone
  • Competitive rates for door-to-door motorcycle transport
  • We’re a real company with a real office, we will never sell your contact info like lead generation companies do.
  • Safe, secure shipping
  • Instant online tracking of your shipment in some cases
  • Reliable and specialized motorcycle shippers since 1983

Two Kinds of Motorcycle Shipping

We offer palletized shipping to all 48 states in the continental United States, including Oklahoma. We also offer an unpalletized option on certain routes in America, but Oklahoma is NOT on that list.

Palletized Motorcycle Shipping

Your cycle is secured to a pallet, shipped in an enclosed air ride trailer, and protected at all costs. with shipments taking between seven and 14 days. We have available online tracking with this option, which is best for specialty or high-end cycles and vintage or classic bikes.

Non-Palletized Motorcycle Shipping

This option is NOT offered in Oklahoma and no online tracking is available. We only provide it to qualifying states such as Texas, California, or Florida. These shipments take longer to load but the in-transit times are shorter. Why? The trucking routes through the main cities are more direct. Your cycle is strapped to eye bolts on the floor of the truck.

How Much Does Motorcycle Shipping to and from Oklahoma Cost?

It’s tough to say without getting some information from you, but generally speaking, you will pay between $400 and $800 to ship a motorcycle 1,000 miles; or between $180 to $300 for shorter shipments.

To be more accurate in pricing, we need to know whether you’re planning to ship an on-road vehicle or an off-road vehicle to Oklahoma. We also need to know the zip code and bike make and model.

Get a FREE Quote on Shipping a Motorcycle to Oklahoma

When you go online or call for a free quote, please inform us of your zip codes and bike make/model. You may also call us at 888-347-1391 to ask more questions. We drive through Oklahoma frequently, namely OKC, which is how we can offer such affordable pickups and drop-offs.