Ship A Motorcycle to Middle East from the USA

We ship motorcycles from the USA to Middle East and various countries worldwide. We’ll pick up your motorcycle and ship it to Europe, Australia, and Middle East, and Latin America through door-to-port delivery.

International Motorcycle Shipping Quote


International Motorcycle Shipping Quote

How to Ship a Motorcycle to the Middle East

Looking to ship your motorcycle to the Middle East? At AA Motorcycle Shipping, we’ve got over 40 years of experience in the motorcycle shipping business, and we’re here to make it easy for you. We ship to various Middle Eastern countries regularly.

Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry! Whether this is your first time shipping a motorcycle or not, we are here to help. Our goal is to make the process stress-free and keep you well informed every step of the way.

This guide is designed to answer all your questions about shipping your motorcycle to the Middle East. And if you still have more questions after reading through, feel free to give us a call.

To kickstart the process, simply request a free quote on our website. Just provide us with details like the Year/Make/Model of your motorcycle, Pickup Zip Code or Departure Port, and Destination Country (Middle East), and we’ll handle the rest. It’s that easy!

Choose a Reliable Shipping Provider

The first step in shipping your motorcycle to the Middle East is selecting a reputable shipping provider with experience in international motorcycle transportation. Look for a company that offers comprehensive services, including door-to-door pickup, crating, shipping, and delivery to your destination in the Middle East. Research customer reviews and testimonials to ensure reliability and customer satisfaction.

AA Motorcycle Shipping has met all the criteria for selecting the ideal international motorcycle company in Middle East:

  • Trusted and specialized motorcycle shipping since 1983
  • Competitive rates for door-to-door motorcycle shipping
  • Modern loading equipment and trucks ensuring secure and safe shipping
  • Instant quotes available online or over the phone
  • Real-time online tracking of your shipment (in select cases)

How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Motorcycle

The price can vary based on different factors. We’ll need to know how you’ll get it to the port, where in the country you’re shipping from, and which shipping method you prefer. Once we have that information, we can give you a better estimate of the costs.

Here are some factors that influence the final price:

  • It’s cheaper to ship via RoRo (Roll-on/Roll-off) shipping than container shipping.
  • Shipping a compact motorcycle is cheaper than a large motorcycle.
  • Shipping from the East Coast is usually cheaper than from the West Coast.
  • Driving your motorcycle to the port yourself can be cheaper than having us pick it up from your home.

We ship Motorcycles from the USA to these Middle East countries:

Additional Information

For shipping motorcycles to the Middle East, review the regulations of each destination country regarding age limits and ownership requirements. Make sure your name is on the front of the title for new motorcycles, and if sold, both the seller and buyer must sign the back. Keep the gas tank less than a quarter full for safety. Check each country’s page for details on vehicle import taxes.

Offering Weekly Sailings

As your trusted freight forwarder, we’re committed to shipping to Middle Eastern ports regularly, offering two main methods:

  • RoRo Shipping: This is the most cost-effective way to transport motorcycles to the Middle East. Vehicles are driven onto the ship under their own power.
  • Container Shipping: Your motorcycle can be shipped in a shared container with other vehicles to save costs, or you can opt for your own container (at a higher price).

We are a Trusted Military Partner

Trust us as your reliable military partner for shipping motorcycles to the Middle East. We offer affordable services tailored to active military members, ensuring attention to detail and quality. From cars to heavy machinery, we handle various vehicle types and also facilitate imports from the Middle East to the USA.

Vehicle Import Duty

We offer weekly sailings from U.S. ports to various Middle Eastern countries including Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates (UAE). Choose between RoRo Shipping, where motorcycles are driven onto the ship, or container shipping for shared or individual container options.

Two Main Ways to Ship Motorcycles Internationally

1. RoRo Shipping

RoRo Shipping, short for Roll On/Roll Off, is a popular and cost-effective method known for its predictability. Motorcycles are driven onto and off of the ship under their own power.

Your motorcycle must be in good working order for this option, and it’s ideal for vehicles with wheels like cars, motorcycles, motorhomes, trailers, buses, or boats.

RoRo ensures reliable departure and arrival dates and secures motorcycles to the deck, protecting them from ocean elements. It’s a favored choice for many manufacturers shipping motorcycles overseas.

2. Container Shipping

Another option available to you is using a shipping container to transport your motorcycle to the Middle East. Within container shipping, you have two additional choices: shared or exclusive container shipping.

Shared Container Shipping

This type of shipping is the more budget-friendly option of the two. The cost is divided among four motorcycles sharing the same container. However, there’s a downside: you may need to wait until the container is full with other vehicles before it’s loaded onto the ship. This uncertainty about the departure date can result in additional waiting time, possibly up to a week. If you have multiple motorcycles to ship or if the exact departure date isn’t crucial, this option is ideal.

On the bright side, you can pack extra items in your motorcycle’s trunk or backseat, unlike with RoRo shipping. Additionally, this method allows you to ship motorcycles that aren’t in working condition since they’re placed inside the container rather than driven onto the ship.

Exclusive Container Shipping

Exclusive container shipping is pricier, but you get the entire container just for your motorcycle. This option is great for transporting high-end or rare motorcycles, providing extra security and care. While it costs more than RoRo or Shared Container shipping, it offers peace of mind to the customer.


  • Each container is dedicated to a single motorcycle.
  • You can ship motorcycles that are not operational.
  • You can pack personal items along with your motorcycle.

Receive Your Motorcycle in the Middle East

Upon arrival in the Middle East, your motorcycle will undergo customs clearance before being released for delivery. AA Motorcycle works closely with your shipping and local customs officials to ensure a smooth clearance process. Once cleared, your motorcycle will be delivered to your specified location, ready for you to enjoy the open roads of the Middle East.