Ship A Motorcycle to Guatemala from the USA

We ship motorcycles from the USA to Guatemala and various countries worldwide. We’ll pick up your motorcycle and ship it to Europe, Australia, Latin America, and Middle East, through door-to-port delivery.

International Motorcycle Shipping Quote


International Motorcycle Shipping Quote

Ship A Motorcycle to Guatemala

Looking for reliable auto shipping services between the USA and Guatemala? Your search ends with AA Motorcycle Shipping. With over four decades of expertise, we guarantee a seamless, hassle-free shipping process. Our comprehensive guide delves into all you need to know about shipping to Guatemala, from pricing and essential documentation to departure and arrival ports.

For any further inquiries, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Dive deeper into the details below.

Simplify Your Load with Pick-Up Assistance

Skip the stress of driving your bike to the port by opting for our convenient pick-up service. Upon receiving your shipping quote to Guatemala, you’ll find an optional fee for us to collect your motorcycle from your residence or office and deliver it to the shipping port.

This spares you the expenses associated with gas, meals, time away from work, and lodging. Leave the logistics to us, ensuring your motorcycle safely reaches the nearest port in Guatemala without any fuss.

Departure Points for RoRo Shipments

For Roll-on/Roll-off shipments from the USA to Guatemala, we serve the following departure ports.

  • Newark, NJ
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Houston, TX
  • Jacksonville, FL

You’re welcome to bring your motorcycle directly to any of these ports or utilize our pick-up service for added convenience.

Arrival Terminal for Shipping to Guatemala

We reach Santo Tomás de Castilla, the only port we serve in Guatemala. Your assigned pick-up individual can retrieve your bike at the Izabal Department, located within the Amatique Bay along the Gulf of Honduras. Please ensure they carry cash to settle any applicable taxes or duties.

Cost of Shipping Motorcycle to Guatemala from USA

The cost of shipping a motorcycle from the USA to Guatemala can vary depending on several factors such as the size and weight of the motorcycle, the shipping method chosen (e.g., container shipping or RoRo), the departure and arrival ports, any additional services required (such as pick-up services), and any applicable taxes or duties.

To get an accurate estimate, it’s best to contact AA Motorcycle Shipping. We can provide you with a quote based on your specific requirements and circumstances. Additionally, be sure to inquire about any potential import taxes or duties that may apply when importing a motorcycle into Guatemala.

Departure & Arrival Ports, Initial Costs, & Shipping Duration

When shipping a motorcycle from the US to Guatemala, the departure and arrival ports, initial costs, and shipping duration can vary. Here’s a general overview:

Departure Ports: Common departure ports for shipping motorcycles to Guatemala from the US include Newark, Baltimore, Jacksonville, and Houston.

Initial Costs: Costs for shipping a motorcycle can vary but generally range from $500 to $1500, depending on factors like the departure port and shipping method.

Shipping Duration: It typically takes 2 to 6 weeks for a motorcycle to reach Guatemala from the US, depending on factors like the shipping method and potential transit delays.

For precise information, it’s best to contact AA Motorcycle Shipping.

Consider Optional Marine Insurance

Consider getting our optional marine insurance. It covers your motorcycle against loss or damage during shipping, from when it’s loaded onto the ship until you receive it. The cost is 1.75% of your motorcycle’s value. This is a good choice if you can’t afford repairs or losses. Motorcycle losses are rare, except during hurricanes, which happen from June 1 to November 30. Learn more about our marine insurance for extra protection.

Shipping Methods

RoRo shipping is the only option available from the following ports: Newark, NJ; Baltimore, MD; Houston, TX; and Jacksonville, FL.

(RoRo) Shipping

Anything with tires capable of rolling onto and off the ship under its own power can utilize RoRo shipping. These ships, resembling large parking garages, are tailored for vehicles like motorcycles, cars, motorhomes, campers, trailers, buses, construction vehicles, and boats.

RoRo is commonly chosen when transporting a single motorcycle. It’s important to note that your motorcycle must be able to navigate the ramp independently. Once aboard the RoRo vessel, your motorcycle will be securely tied down in its designated location.

This method is highly efficient and cost-effective, with reliable departure and arrival schedules akin to airline flights.

AA Motorcycle Shipping is your reliable Guatemala motorcycle shipper from the US. We ship motorcycles and streamline the process.

Tips for Prepping your Motorcycle for Shipment

  • Clean your motorcycle thoroughly to remove dirt and debris.
  • Check for any existing damage and document it with photographs.
  • Remove any loose or detachable items such as saddlebags, mirrors, or accessories.
  • Ensure that the fuel tank is nearly empty to reduce the risk of leaks during transit.
  • Disconnect the battery and secure it properly to prevent accidental discharge.
  • Check tire pressure and ensure they are properly inflated.
  • Secure any loose cables or wires to prevent damage during transit.
  • Consider adding additional padding or protection for fragile parts such as the windshield or mirrors.
  • Double-check that all necessary paperwork and documentation, including customs forms, are in order.
  • Finally, communicate with your shipping company to understand any specific requirements or instructions.

Who Can Pick Up The Motorcycle in Guatemala

In Guatemala, the motorcycle can typically be picked up by a designated individual appointed by the owner or by a representative of the shipping company handling the delivery. It’s essential to communicate with us to arrange the pick-up. Ensure that the designated person has the necessary documentation and authorization to pick up the motorcycle on behalf of the owner.

Finding the Best Motorcycle Shipper

Selecting the right motorcycle shipping company is crucial for a seamless experience. AA Motorcycle Shipping is the ideal choice for international motorcycle transport in Guatemala. Here are the key factors to consider when choosing a shipper:

  • Experience and Reputation: Choose a company with a strong history of safely and efficiently shipping motorcycles to Guatemala.
  • Licensing and Insurance: Ensure the shipper is properly licensed and insured for international motorcycle transport.
  • Customer Reviews: Read reviews and testimonials to assess the company’s reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Customized Solutions: Look for a shipper that can tailor their services to your unique requirements.
  • Established Expertise: Consider a company with extensive experience in motorcycle shipping. AA Motorcycle has been in operation since 1983.

Ensuring Safety and Security in Shipping

At AA Motorcycle Shipping, safety is our top priority when transporting motorcycles in Guatemala. We ensure secure transportation using enclosed trucks for added protection. We recommend riders to service and thoroughly inspect their bikes before shipping. Additionally, we offer additional insurance coverage to provide financial protection for any unforeseen incidents during transit.

Palletized vs. Non-Palletized Motorcycle Shipping

At AA Motorcycle Shipping, we offer two shipping options: palletized and non-palletized. Non-palletized shipping is quicker to load, while palletized shipping involves securing the motorcycle onto a pallet inside a closed air-ride trailer, providing a premium choice with expedited transit times.

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