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Motorcycle Shipping to Illinois. Use our Calculator for Free Quote

Chicago is the most popular destination we ship to in Illinois, and for good reason. It’s located along major highways that make it easy for our drivers to access you, such as I-190, I-290, and I-294.

Why ship your motorcycle with AA Motorcycle Shipping? Many of our clients have bought or sold a motorcycle in Chicago. Others are joining a motorcycle rally, while others are moving or heading on a one-way trip. Rely on us to safely and affordably ship your motorcycle to top cities in Illinois, mainly Chicago – the capital and most populous city in the state, home to 2.7 million.

Whether you require a shipment of choppers, Harleys, vintage bikes, Yamahas, or Ducatis, our team can deliver or pick them up safely and efficiently. And if you want to ship ATVs, dirt bikes, sport bikes, touring bikes, trikes, jet skis, or snowmobiles, we can help there too.

It’s easy to complete our online form or just give us a call at 888-347-1391. We would be happy to supply you with a quick, free quote with no commitment. Just provide your zip code and motorcycle type.

Call us at 888-347-1391

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Door-to-Door Motorcycle Transport in Illinois

It doesn’t get any more convenient than door-to-door transport in Chicago and elsewhere throughout Illinois. Illinois is a coveted destination for many motorcycle enthusiasts, thanks to its many routes on the open road. These include Great River Road, Illinois Rivers Route, Blackjack Road, Oswego to Starved Rock Run, and Rock Rover Run. But whether you’re moving here, you just bought a bike and need it shipped here, or you can’t wait to cruise along Illinois’ great loops, we’ve got you covered.

If you’ve been burned before by other companies with their hidden fees, add-ons, or upsells, you will be happy to note that you won’t get that from us. Plus, we’re not a lead generation company, so we will never sell your information to other companies. Straightforward, convenient, and affordable services: our state-to-state motorcycle shipping services will make you wonder why you didn’t call us sooner!

Why Use AA Motorcycle Shipping for Shipping a Motorcycle to Illinois?

It can be frustrating trying to determine which company to trust. But we go above and beyond to ensure you are totally happy with our services. With AA Motorcycle Shipping, you get:

  • Safe, secure shipping all week long
  • State-of-the-art loading equipment and trucks to safely transport your vehicle
  • Fast quotes online or over the phone
  • Affordable rates for door-to-door motorcycle transport
  • Ability to track your shipment online in many cases

We are glad to be your specialized motorcycle shippers all over the United States, serving you since 1983.

Two Types of Motorcycle Shipping

AA Motorcycle Shipping offers palletized shipping to all 48 states in the continental United States, including Illinois. We don’t offer unpalletized shipping to most states, Illinois included. This option is only for a few high-volume, selective routes.

Palletized Motorcycle Shipping

For a specialty or high-end motorcycle, vintage cycle, or classic bike that you want to keep protected for the trip, choose this option. This encloses your bike within our air ride trailers, safely secured to the pallet within the truck. Online tracking is available with this service. Shipments take seven to 14 days.

Non-Palletized Motorcycle Shipping

This is not offered in Illinois, but for your information: these shipments have shorter in-transit times and take longer to load because the trucking routes are more direct. Bikes are secured to eye bolts on the truck floor for safe transport. This option does not have online tracking.

How Much Does Motorcycle Shipping to and from Illinois Cost?

Please provide basic information to us to get an accurate cost, such as bike type, destination, and starting point, as well as whether you have an on-road vehicle or an off-road vehicle. But to give you a general idea, the cost is:

  • $400 to $800 to ship your motorcycle 1,000 miles
  • $180 to $300 for shorter shipments

Get a FREE Quote on Shipping a Motorcycle to Illinois

There’s no better time to get an easy, fast, and free quote on motorcycle shipping to Illinois than now. Call us at 888-347-1391. Because our drivers pass through Illinois frequently, particularly Chicago, you will enjoy our quick and efficient services.