From Placing the Order to Delivery

Setting up a motorcycle transport for the first time may seem like a daunting task. There are a lot of unknowns for people who have not done it before, and the idea of someone else handling their motorcycle may make them skeptical. So, what happens from placing the order to delivery? What’s the process like?

We would like to provide a full breakdown of the entire process, from placing an order all the way through to delivery, in order to show how we can safely and efficiently process orders and transport motorcycles for our customers.

Placing an order

There are two ways to place your order – over the phone with one of our customer service agents, or through our website, We require the name, address, and phone number for pick up and delivery locations, the length and width of the bike, an email address (unless it needs to be faxed), and payment information. If your order is placed over the phone, one of our customer service agents will email/fax you a contract, which the customer needs to fill out, sign, and send back to us.

Processing and Pre-calls

After you place your order, we begin the processing phase. Your order’s information is sent over to our dispatcher, who will contact the local terminal/driver. Pick-up time frames vary from zip-code to zip-code. However, no matter where you are, our dispatchers will always make a 24-hour pre-call to schedule pick-up. They will confirm addresses and finalize the pick-up time frame.

Pick-up and Transit

When the bike is being picked up, the customer, who must be at least 18 years old, will sign a bill of lading, also known as a condition report. This confirms the physical condition of the bike when we come to pick it up. Once the bike has been loaded, it will travel to the closest terminal to origin.

From here it will be further processed and sent out to the terminal closest to delivery. During this time, the customer can track the location/status of the bike via our complimentary online tracking service. This website will update periodically, providing not only the physical location, but also the estimated times of delivery.

Pre-call and Delivery

Just like for pick-up, the dispatcher will make a 24-hour pre-call for delivery. Once all details have been confirmed, the truck will be sent out for delivery with the motorcycle on it. The bike will be off-loaded, and the customer will sign the final bill of lading.

We hope that this gives our customers a more thorough understanding of the entire motorcycle transportation process, all the way from placing an order to delivery. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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