Geographically, California is the United States’ most diverse state

motorcycle in Big Sur California

Geographically, California is the United States’ most diverse state. It’s a motorcyclists’ dream, as it is large, has the ocean, mountains, desert, lakes, rivers, national and state parks and all of them are accessible by well maintained roads. If you don’t live in California, we at AA Motorcycle Transport make it incredibly easy for you to ship your bike here to one of our four centrally located terminals. If you’re looking to do a road trip through the wine route of northern California, you can have the bike shipped to our terminal in San Jose, which is located close to the San Jose airport. Looking for a trip into Yosemite or the High Sierras, fly into Sacramento and pick up your bike from that terminal. If the Los Angeles terminal is better for you, ship your motorcycle to Los Angeles. Lastly you can fly into San Diego and explore all the border cities heading east along the Mexico/ US borderline.

We make shipping into, within and out of California extremely easy and affordable. With a few simple clicks on our website you can get the most cost effective rate for transporting your bike, ATV, Quad, Trike, snowmobile, jet ski or golf cart to your selected locations. In most cases, if a location is not too remote we can pick the bike up within 1 to 2 days. For more remote locations, it takes a little longer, but never longer than 5 business days. Our intricate national network of trucks and distribution centers, make shipping fast, cost efficient, reliable and hassle free. Once an order is booked, you receive a tracking number that enables you to follow the bike on its trip. And if that’s not enough, a friendly, informative customer representative is available at any time to call and answer any questions you may have.

All bikes are transported in enclosed air ride trucks that are equipped with a lift gate to safely and efficiently load your bike. The bike is then loaded onto a special pallet, specifically designed for motorcycle transport. The bikes are steadied in the truck using four soft ties on the front and two soft ties on the back. Each transport automatically has $5,000.00 worth of insurance. If that does not satisfy your value, the insurance can be raised at the low cost of $10.00 per $1,000.00. The bike never leaves the pallet once it’s loaded, minimizing any risk of damage die to excessive movement. Your bike is never exposed to weather elements as it is always transported in a secure enclosed carrier. All our distribution centers are enclosed secure, safe, spacious warehouses, which enforce strict security and tracking methods. Nothing ever enters or exits them without being electronically signed in or out.

We have earned our reputation as one of the safest, efficient and cost effective transporters in the country through our close relationships with dealers, auction houses, online sellers and independent buyers and sellers. Word of mouth is the best seller, and word on the street is that AA Motorcycle Transport is the one to go to in California.

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