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How Not to Run out of Gas

Sounds like a no-brainer, but keeping enough gas in your tank while on a road trip is more challenging than you may think. Avoid the utter frustration of running out of fuel along the side of a busy roadway – or worse, in the middle of nowhere in a town you can’t even pronounce. Worst part of it is, it’s completely preventable if you take the right precautions. Here are some tips.


Don’t blindly follow your gauges. Yes, technology has vastly improved the efficient operations of motorcycles, but they are still flawed. If you blindly follow your gauge, waiting until you get within the suggested range of refueling, you run the risk of running out before that level hits. It’s just how technology works – it ain’t perfect every time. Analog gauges are even less reliable than digital ones, and below analog are the flashing lights that tell you you’re low. Know how much you put in the last time you gassed up and do the math to make sure you hit the gas station before you really need it. Simple math won’t let you down.


Refuel if you’re unsure. There’s nothing wrong with stopping at a gas station when the needle is flirting with “E” – especially if you’re unsure of how far the next station is. Big cities have gas stations everywhere you look, but on rural routes and back roads on the countryside, they may be few and far between.


Use a navigation system. If you have a GPS unit or feature on your smart phone, you can easily detect the location of the nearest gas station. Some apps can even group stations by cost or by amenities, such as those that contain coffee shops or convenience stores within them.


Bring a siphon. It’s never a bad idea to carry a siphon to draw off another rider or store some extra fuel on your bike in a jar or other container.


Retrofit your bike. If you’re looing to upgrade your bike to encompass more fuel storage, consider making after-market retrofits to incorporate a higher capacity tank.


Use the petcock valve if you have to. In the event you do run out of gas, you can buy yourself a few extra miles by switching to your fuel tank’s reserves. Know exactly where it is before you set out on your trip. Tip: you’ll find it right below the tank on the bike’s left-hand side. If this is not an option, get to the side of the road quickly to get out of the way of moving traffic. Don’t forget to signal first. The last thing you want is to stall out in the middle of the highway. There’s not much to help you then!


Put on your hazards once on the side of the road and call for assistance after you get safely away from the vehicle and traffic.

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