Be Prepared for Anything This Spring on Your Next Motorcycle Trip

Spring is here, and the weather is improving every day. You may have your bike out already for the season and are gearing up for your first big trip of the year. You’ll need to be prepared for any eventuality—including spring rains – so your cycle can handle virtually any road condition. Check out these tips before setting off on your trip:

  1. Buy water proof luggage. With all those spring rains, you need to guarantee your belongings will stay dry in the event you get caught in a storm. If you don’t already have waterproof luggage or you don’t have the money to spend on it, simply line your bags with trash bags to keep water at bay.
  2. Secure everything with straps and bungees. It just takes one bungee cord to come loose, slip into the tire well and cause a crash. Use soft saddlebags and secure them with an extra bungee cord or strap. You can take an extra step and thread the bungee through the handle on one of the bags so no shifting occurs.
  3. Protect your paint. Don’t let road debris mar the surface of your shiny paint job. Long road trips in particular can really do some damage. To guard against chipping, scuffing and scratching from luggage, bungees, and other secured items, place masking or duct tape over those areas. You may even want to wax the area before applying the tape so the tape will come off easily later.
  4. Use a small backpack. Keep a small backpack with you at all times, preferably one that rests at the small of your back. This way, if you need to stop for directions or answer a call, you can get what you need quickly without going through all your big luggage.
  5. Give your bike a tune-up before leaving. Before heading out on any long trip, you need to give your bike a once-over. It’s not like you’re just going for a quick trip. You need to make sure your bike will be able to go the distance. Remember, all that extra weight will affect the handling and braking. Adjust the suspension settings and take it for a quick ride around the neighborhood or a parking lot to see how it responds to normal driving conditions. You may have to slow down or brake sooner in order to accommodate the extra weight.
  6. Trailers. Think twice about using them. They’re quite cumbersome and can become a danger if not handled properly. If you have that much stuff to haul, you may be better off hiring a motorcycle shipping company instead. In that case, call a trusted motorcycle transport company, one that can also provide shipping for your cycle on one-way road trips.Heeding these tips will keep you and your bike safe on long trips. Get quick, affordable quotes from AA Motorcycle Shipping when planning your route. Head to our home page for a free quote.


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