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Prepping for a Road Trip

While much of the country is heading deep into winter these days, you may be thinking ahead to spring when you can take off on your bike for a care-free road trip. Proper planning and prepping is important, though. Heed these prep tips before taking your motorcycle out.


  • Book your motorcycle shipping ahead of time. Getting an instant quote online is easy. You can specify pickup times and destinations, particularly a great option if you’re planning on a one-way road trip.


  • Get a sheepskin for your seat, which will shield your derriere from long hours sitting down.


  • Invest in a motorcycle shield to keep the wind pressure off your face and arms, not to mention all the bugs, stones and other debris that can fly up at you.


  • Bring along a tent, especially if you plan on camping. Camping is a great way to save money on lodging while on a long trip, and you’ll need a tent. A two-man one is preferable so it’s not too cumbersome to pack. It’s always a good idea to bring along a small inflatable mattress to keep you comfortable after those long days on the road. You can hook it onto your luggage rack.


  • Get a hard-sided t-bag for your stuff. It’s great for packing toiletries and clothing. A soft sided one is OK too, but you can’t really attach too many other heavy things to it. Place non-crucial items in these bags because you won’t be able to get to them as easily, especially if your tent and mat are strapped to it.


  • Bring along some shammies for your showers. You can roll them up tight to travel, yet they soak up water like a sponge. Bonus: they dry quickly.


  • Don’t bring every toiletry you own. Get the travel sizes and pack only the bare essentials. Remember, everything adds weight to your bike. Place these small items in a small waterproof bag so you can easily grab it on your way to and from the showers.


  • Don’t forget a fleece blanket or sleeping bag that rolls up tight. It gets mighty chilly at night, especially in a tent!


  • Pack a tool bag or emergency supply kits for when you need to make an unexpected repair.


  • Pack your rain gear. On long trips, it’s inevitable you’ll get stuck in the rain at some point. Go for high-viz colors so other motorists can see you well.


  • Bring a knife for your belt or pocket. It’s just a smart thing to do as a traveler, especially when solo.


  • Check all fluids and connections before you head out. The road is not the place you want to discover your bike ran out of oil.


AA Motorcycle Shipping can get you a free affordable quote on shipping your bike as part of a one-way trip. Give us a call to find out more before you set out.

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