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The best of runaway motorcycles

With another Fourth of July already having come and gone, we have now gone back to our favourite pastime, trolling across YouTube and taking in some of the rather hilarious motorcycle videos that can be found there. A few days ago, we came across the clip below, and thought we would write this article. The motorcycles, ATVs and jet skis in the clip definitely appear to have a mind of their own, and more often than not, a camera just happens to be strategically placed to capture the results. Okay, not all of the clips feature motorcycles, but that does not make the clip any less funny.


  1. The runaway motorcycle

The guy in the first clip definitely knows how to do his stuff. Standing on your bike and riding along like he is doing is not for the fainthearted. Unfortunately, the fact that this biker is very much skilled at whatever it is that he thinks he is doing does not preclude the fact that he cannot actually stay on his motorcycle.

The result is an unceremonious fall and, for once, the faithfully filming friends do not instantly break off into fits of laughter, as is usually the case when it comes to YouTube videos. Instead, shouts of “Oh no!” can be heard from all around.

That is actually very surprising. The fact that the biker was going to fall was pretty much a given, given what he was doing. It comes with the territory, some may be bold enough to say.

The ghost bike

Now, instead of falling alongside its rider, the bike in the clip clearly has a mind of its own. Even as its owner falls onto the hard tarmac, the bike continues on its merry way, as if nothing has happened. Okay, it does veer off the road onto the grass, but that only happens after a good many meters.

Finally, with one of the faithful friends half heartedly chasing it and shouting “It’s in the grass,” as if no one else can see that, the bike crashes into a fence on the side of the road. These, we have to say, are really civilized friends because, as noted earlier, instead of laughing, like normal people in this day and age, all that they do is say “oh!” in a rather classy way.

  1. Off road biking

Take a motorcycle off-road, and you know that something is going to happen. The clip at 26 seconds, it has to be said, is quite serious. Indeed, the person involved needs to be banned from riding his bike in the bushes.

One gets the feeling that a couple of more inches, and his poor friend could have been decapitated. For some reason, the person lets go of his bike and for some other reason, it goes flying towards the other motorcyclist. We can only hope that the other guy did not suffer any serious injuries.

  1. The runaway ski

Okay, so a jet ski is technically not a motorcycle, but we are going to include it in this writeup anyway, if only because the guys at the 35th second mark look so remarkably dejected as their toy goes flying off into the lake, leaving then behind.

One of the guys actually partly falls into the water, making the entire thing even more comic. The over-adventurous ski makes it all the way across the dam. Unfortunately, as is the case with most of the clips that are posted to YouTube, we don’t get to see whether or not it survived the adventure intact.

  1. The Speedy Runner

The scene at the 1:20 mark has the makings of a few serious injuries and we do sincerely hope that nothing of that sort occurred. It’s all well and good when a motorcycle is speeding along at an unbelievable speed, with a rider on its back.

However, when it does this on its own, as if possessed, the results can be quite dramatic. The motorcycle at the stated section of the clip can be seen speeding into the barriers, as if running for dear life. The next thing that we see are a few fluttering tents, and nothing more is heard from the ghost bike.

  1. The runaway ATVs

ATVs are technically motorcycles right? In any case, the next couple of clips, from the 1:25 mark, feature ATVs that have seemingly developed minds of their own. In the first, the rider has apparently decided to perform a wheelie on the ATV.

The result is a not so spectacular fall into the dirt. The ATV itself then continues to saunter along towards the nearby dune. The next clip is a lot more serious, with the guy attempting to ride up a clearly impassable path in the jungle.

When the ATV inevitable topples over, head over heels, the guy momentarily becomes the ridden as the thing goes down the slope. Fortunately, he manages to get out of the way before anything serious has happened, and to “Ohs!” from the faithfully recording friends, the ATV does a couple more rolls.

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