The Evolution of Instant Motorcycle Shipping Quotes

Obtaining a motorcycle shipping quote has really come of age over the last few years. I can recall the time when, in the Jurassic period, I would need to consult my local yellow pages to find a shipping company that handles motorcycles. I would then call the toll free number on my rotary phone and a lady, sounding like she has just smoked a pack, would interrogate me before providing a motorcycle shipping quote. The quote would be valid for as long as I stayed on the phone with her. Getting a shipping agreement, well that was left to the USPS to deliver.

Then came the internet. Motorcycle shipping companies would have web quote forms that were long and tricky to complete. Once I had entered my name, address, telephone numbers, children’s age, motorcycle details, political party persuasion, email address (twice or more often since I don’t always get it right twice in a row), I would hit submit only to be told that I would be contacted within 24 hours with a shipping quote. How frustrating!

Then the 21st century arrived, or should I say, more like the teen years of the new century arrived and the age of the instant quote. Now I can complete a short form on-line or on-mobile (so to speak) and I get an instant motorcycle shipping quote. The price is immediate, firm and can be emailed to me if requested. Even better, I can then book on-line without having to speak to Ms. Graffalo.

How easy have these motorcycle shipping companies made the process! I highly recommend you choose one that offers this convenience. And if the company provides on-line tracking, well that is a home run right there!

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