Kids on Motorcycles

Wonderful Kids on Motorcycles

Kids on Motorcycles

So, when does the love for motorcycles and being a daredevil start? Well, for the kids in the clip below, it starts when they are still very young. Way, way, too young, some might say. At a time when others their age are puttering around on plastic bikes, these kids are running around will real motorcycles! Okay, so the bikes may be pint sized, but so are the riders.

And the parents

To be honest, it has to be a bit hard to be the parent of a 4 of 5 year old who runs around on a motorcycle. The only explanation that we can think of for letting them do that is that the parents themselves are biker daredevils, who do not see anything remotely wrong with having toddlers fly around the street on tiny motorcycles. Okay, enough of our fears! Lets proceed to the actual video.

  1. The little girl with the pink bike

The first scene in the video features a little girl riding her bike which, as it turns out, is pink in color. Can we suppose that pink scooters will become all the rage even for adult bikers? Oh well! That would probably be something of an eyesore.

The little princess is actually also wearing a pink outfit, and the bike is decked out with pink ribbons, but enough about pink. The little girl’s scooter is battery powered and though she wobbles precariously on it at times, the girl clearly has a handle on riding it.

The proudly recording parents clearly are not concerned about the fact that a few meters away, huge cars are passing by as the girl goes along on the pavement.

  1. A real, mini motorcycle

The little boy in the next clip, beginning from the 46 second mark, is the proud owner of real mini bike that, nevertheless, may be getting a bit too small for him. The really amazing this is the throaty sound that the bike makes as the little big boy goes riding off into the wind.

The craftsmanship that goes into creating these little bikes clearly needs to be celebrated. Also needing celebration is the fact that the road is deserted as the little daredevil speeds from one end to the other.  Again, we have the obligatory parent proudly recording their little stuntman for the benefit of YouTube.

  1. The Yellow Bike

The next clip begins from the 1:14 seconds mark, and features another little boy riding along on an imitation bike. Save for the fact that instead of being made of plastic as mentioned earlier, this bike is an actual scale model.

Just to ask; is yellow the pink for boys?

The bike actually has an impressive sound as it goes down another deserted road. Fortunately, the sound apparently has nothing to do with speed, as the little biker and the little bike go along at a rather tame pace.

From the way that the kid wobbles sometimes while making turns, it won’t be long till we start getting fail videos featuring these little daredevils. That would probably make the proudly recording parent really proud.

The rest of the above clip features other scenes that are sure to make every parent really proud. The kids in the video will, no doubt, become motocross champions when they grown old enough to legally ride a bike. Quite a few of them will also likely end up joining biker gangs.

The Motocross kid

Speaking of motocross, the kid in the video below clearly has the makings of a champion. For his 8th birthday, Dylan got a bike from mommy, granny, daddy, the dog, the cat and everyone else (that’s according to the person doing the recording, by the way).

Though some fun haters in the comments section claim that the KX65 is fake, Dylan clearly loves his bike and, what’s more, he clearly knows how to ride it.

Motorcycle safety for children

Motorcycle safety is something on which we have previously dwelt on this blog. Needless to say when it comes to your kids, you want them to have as much protection as is possible before setting off on that little bike.

Most of the basics that apply to grownups are applicable when it comes to kids, including making sure that they know what they are doing, having safety gear, including helmets, and, of course, having a pink ribbon tied to the handlebars.

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