Motocross for children

Motocross for Children: When the Apple Falls Far from the tree

They often say the apple never falls far away from the tree, but when that happens and your child decides, against your better judgement, to take up motocross racing, how do you assure their safety? As far as hobbies go, this is one that is most likely to induce a beard of sweat, particularly in the uninitiated parent. The fortunate thing is that the sons and daughters of daredevils are much more likely to become daredevils themselves, while those who have parents that pursue somewhat tame hobbies are also likely to follow along the tame footsteps. But when the apple truly falls far from the tree, there are a few things that you can do to assure you peace of mind as well as your child’s safety;

  1. There is nothing to be afraid of

The first thing that you need to understand as a parent whose child has taken up dirt biking is that there really is nothing to be afraid of. Motocross Racing is just like any other sport, and  although you may have heard horror stories, your child is no more likely to come to harm than if he or she takes up ping pong. Okay, perhaps that is an exaggeration, but your child’s safety really depends on your willingness to participate in the process, as you shall see in the next point.

  1. Your child needs you; participate in the process

Instead of burying your head in the sand when your child takes up dirt biking, you should actually participate in the process. That is the only way through which you can ensure your child’s safety. He or she needs to have a high quality helmet, gloves, pads, jerseys, and other safety motocross accessories.

Not only do these items decrease the possibility of getting injured, but they are also a confidence booster. For most parents, the hope may be that the fixation with dirt bikes will prove to be a passing phase, but whether that later comes to fruition or not, your child needs to be protected in the meanwhile.

  1. Find a motocross school for your child

Another way of giving yourself peace of mind involves enrolling a child in a motocross school, where they can learn the latest dirt biking techniques and safety. Wherever you live in the United States, it is likely that you will find one of these a few miles from where you live.

The number of tracks that cater for children and beginners, and where you will find boys and girls as young as 3 years old puttering along on 50cc mini-bikes, is actually really surprising. The great thing about these tracks is that they often carter for all levels, from peewee to expert.

  1. Take up the hobby yourself

Let’s face it, no matter what we say here, it will still be hard for us to full convince parents that their children will be safe on the motocross track. The only way through which you can reassure yourself would be by taking up the dirt biking yourself!

Motocross racing really is fun, as you will discover after taking up the sport yourself. In fact, the sport can be exhilarating. There is nothing that’s more enchanting than the feeling of freedom that comes from racing around on some dirt track.

Other safety tips for your child

Here are a few other safety tips for your child;

There is safety in numbers: Your child should be aware of the fact that dirt biking should never be done on some secluded spot. There is safety in numbers, not only in case something goes wrong, but also because frequented tracks are scouted for possible hazards, including dangerous debris and sinkholes.

Be courteous: Go to YouTube and you will be excused for thinking that there is some war going on between bikers and other people. The confrontations that occur often take ominous turns, with rear view mirrors being the usual victims.

We are not going to blame bikers for the raucousness here. Needless to say that the repeated noise that is made by a dirt bike, or any other bike for that matter, can be rather annoying, particularly when it is made near private residences.

For this reason, your child should know that dirt biking is best practiced in designated spots, away from potentially irate people. People can be mean, and your child should be courteous while riding his or her bike to avoid nasty confrontations.

Ensure that you child’s bike is in good condition: Another way through which you can assure you child’s safety is by making sure that his or her bike is up to standard. Motocross riding can be rather brutal, and there is need to make sure that your kid has a bike whose brakes and other components are in good working order.

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