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5 Mean Motorcycle Mods: Customize your ride with these easy tips

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So, you have just bought that dream bike of yours and cannot wait to begin customizing it? Let’s face it, getting a new bike is an adventure for most of us. A large part of this appeal rests in the fact that motorcycles can be modified in a wide variety of ways. If you have been wondering what you can do to turn that newly acquired bike into a thing of beauty; then we have a few useful tips for you here. So, what is it that you can do to turn your bike into a work of art?

  1. Custom Exhaust

The exhaust is pretty much the first port of call for those who are looking to customize their bikes. Unlike on a car where it is largely hidden, a motorcycle’s exhaust is usually prominently displayed. This makes it an irresistible canvas for those who are looking to personalize their rides. So, what is it that you can do to customize the exhaust on a motorcycle?

Turn heads with a deep tone

Ever wanted to have a bike that produces that deep rumble that’s probably annoying to other motorists and pedestrians, but that speaks of the power of your bike? Well, the good news is that you can achieve this effect by installing an aftermarket exhaust on your motorcycle.

You only need to check out the above video to get an idea of what we are talking about. It has some of the best sounding exhausts that you will ever come across on a motorcycle. Although some of them are stock, quite a number are aftermarket replacement exhausts.

Weight Reduction

Another major reason why people install custom exhausts on their rides is the fact that these often offer significant gains in terms of weight reduction. Ask any motorist and you will be told that anything that offers a reduction in weight, however small, can only be welcome.


Aftermarket exhausts are also great to those who, as we have already mentioned, are looking to turn their bikes into things of beauty. The exhaust that comes custom with your ride will probably be drab and mass produced. Getting something that turns eyes will help turn heads as you cruise down the highway. Okay, the one in the video below is a bit overboard, but you get what we mean.

  1. Aftermarket Tail Tidies

Another popular aftermarket modification that you can make to your motorcycle is the tail tidy. This gives your bike a compact look at the rear end. The great thing about this modification is that it can help give your bike that distinctive look that we are all looking for at the most minimal of efforts.

  1. Tyres

Tyres are, arguable, one of the most important components on any motorcycle. They are also a component that most people find easy to modify. Upgrading your bike’s tyres can give it that distinctive look that all bikers dream of.

It is, however, important for you to go about this modification the correct way. What you do not want to do is make an upgrade that compromises on your safety. You should, instead, choose tyres that give you better grip and handling. The tyre that you choose will also depend on whether or not you use your bike for commuting, or for off-road riding.

  1. Indicators

Indicators are another aftermarket modification that can help spruce up your bike’s look. Let’s face it, the ones that come stock on most bikes are not that inspiring. Fortunately, you only need to go to eBay or Amazon to get sexy indicators for your ride. Over the past few years, LED indicators and lights have become a favorite for biking enthusiasts.

  1. Engine Guards

As far as modifications go, this is one of the most important. Engine guards are what stand between your bike’s engine and the ground, should your motorcycle fall or should you simply wish to have it rest in its side. The good thing is that there are tons of these on sites such as eBay and Amazon. Depending on how wild you want to go, engine guards will set you back from as little as $20 to over $300.

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  1. After paying for the mortgage to pay off this motorcycle, I can now customize it so I do agree that a custom exhaust is a great modification to have. I was not aware that we can have custom tires as well to match so I’ll consider that as well. I’ll also be sure to have the auto shop add engine guards if possible so it would look cooler.

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