How to customize a motorcycle

How to customize a motorcycle: For beginners

If you have been hesitating about customizing your ride, then you have come to the right place. This article looks at some of the options that are available to you in this regard. It also looks at whether or not you should hire the services of professionals of do the job yourself. In any case, here is how to customize a motorcycle, for beginners.

A homogeneous world

Technology, it is safe to say, has made the world in which we live today pretty much homogeneous. Drive down the road, and you will come across hundreds of cars and other vehicles that pretty much look the same. Let’s face it, there can only be so many vehicle brands in the world, right?

A world of custom

The world that we have just described can be tedious, to say the least. I mean, who wants to drive a vehicle that looks exactly the same as the one that is driven by the man next door. The good news, at least where motorcycles are concerned, is that there are many customization options that give you the ability to turn your ride into a one in the world statement. Your bike is, in this regard, a blank canvas, on which you can showcase your creativity, but what, really can you do in the way of customization?

  1. Custom Paint

If you are looking to give your bike that distinctive look that turns heads and makes it one of a kind, then nothing does it better than a little paint job. The look that you can achieve in this regard is limited only by your imagination. You can, as an example, paint ghost flames on your bike. If you want to check out how a custom motorcycle paint-job can be carried out, feel free to check out the YouTube video below;

  1. Custom Seats

This is another of the modifications that you can carry out on your motorcycles. We have previously written an article in which we talk about the things that you can do to enhance your comfort while riding your bike. Installing custom seats helps you get the level of comfort that you have been looking for.   If you would rather change just the look, why not get new seat covers?

  1. More power

This, I have to admit, is not a modification for the fainthearted. It is also one of the customization that are likely to make your ride one of a kind. Go through YouTube, and you will come across people who have either modified their motorcycle engines or have completely swapped them out for better engines. Some of the modifications are rather ridiculous, as you can see in the video below.

Some of the modifications border on the ridiculous, but who are we to judge? I mean, there are people out there who have gone as far as fitting car engines on their bikes. When you do this, however, you actually need to also change the frame to make sure that the whole thing does not fall apart due to excessive torque.

  1. Custom Wheels

Now, here is a modification that even the less technically inclined will be able to do in a matter of minutes. Most people go for light aftermarket wheels that are made of carbon fibre. This has several advantages; including improved handling, fuel economy and acceleration.

  1. Stickers

Stickers can give your motorcycle a distinctive look that is guaranteed to turn heads. The good thing about them is that, unlike a paintjob, they can quickly and easily be applied.

  1. Lights on the mudguard

Mudguard lights are another cool modification that can be carried out on motorcycles. The lights are usually fitted on the bottom edge of the lower mudguard and are really easy to install. These give your bike a distinctive look that will make your ride very noticeable, particularly at night.

  1. Tires

Tires are another way through which you can get a distinctive look for your motorcycle. You do have to be careful, however, when carrying out this modification. Tires are the thing that stands between you and the tarmac, so you want to be sure that the ones that you get have the correct load ratings. This is particularly the case if you have modified your bike in ways that may have added to the tire’s weight.

Shipping your motorcycle

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