Think motorcycle riding cannot be comfortable? Then you need to think again

Have greater comfort on your motorcycle with these tips

Riding a motorcycle is, under normal circumstances, something of an adventure. Who can forget the feeling of freedom that comes from having the wind blast past your body as you zip along on the road. Of course the zipping along is one of the reasons why other motorists do not seem to care much for bikers, but that is a story for another article.

Comfort while riding a motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is, as we have already mentioned, a blast; until it becomes something of a chore. This usually happens when you have to go on long road trips. We have previously written several articles in which we give you tips on preparing for such long rides.

However prepared you may be, the fact still remains that if you are not carefully, your back and other body parts will, at some point, begin to question you about being made to maintain one posture for an extended period of time. But, what, really, contributes to the level of comfort that you can have on a motorcycle?

Motorcycle Type

The amount of comfort that you are going to have is largely dependent on the type of bike that you have. There are three main types of motorcycles out there;

  • Standard Motorcycles
  • Sports Cycles
  • Cruiser Motorcycles

Standard Motorcycles

A Standard Motorcycle is probably the most comfortable type of bike that you are going to find out there. So, what is it that makes a motorcycle standard?

For one thing, the classification of motorcycles is largely dependent on one’s posture while riding the bike. With standard motorcycles, the sitting configuration for the rider is upright.

Standard Motorcycles also have low mid-range bards and mid foot controls. The seat is usually longer and their engines are usually mid ranged in size.

Due to the fact that they are so, well, standard, this type of motorcycle tends to be the least expensive. This, in turn, makes them the most common type of bike that you are likely to meet on the road.

Standard Motorcycles are the most comfortable

Standard Motorcycles tend, as we have already mentioned, to be the most comfortable. That is probably down to the fact that you sit on it in a natural sitting position. You can, therefore, ride your bike for long distances without becoming fatigued.


If you are looking for a motorcycle that will take you long distances without straining your back, then a cruiser is probably your second best bet. One of the things that we need to take note of here is that cruisers are, actually, the most popular type of motorcycle in the United States. That is, perhaps, for good reason. This type of bike has been immortalized in popular movies and is made by such iconic brands and Harley-Davidson, Excelsior, Indian and many others.

Sitting position

The thing that makes this type of bike fairly comfortable over long distances is the riding position. You sit on a cruiser with your feet placed forward and your hands up. Your spine is thus erect and your back leans slightly back.

Engine Size

Cruiser engines usually have a lot of low-end torque. However, their horsepower is sometimes rather limited, as they emphasize easy readability and shifting.

Sports Motorcycles

The Sports configuration is, without doubt, another great choice for motorcycles. This type of motorcycle is, however, also the least comfortable. Although Sports Motorcycles are fun to rid over short distances, they become something of a pain over long distances.

Seat Type

The type of seat that is on your motorcycle is, of course, going to be a major factor in determining whether or not you are going to have a comfortable ride. Most standard motorcycles come with fairly comfortable seats. However, there is a lot that you can do to increase the level of comfort. If you are looking to give your behind a really comfortable resting place, you can change the type of seat that’s on your ride.

Your body

Your comfort level is also largely going to be dependent on your body type. If you are obese, then you are likely to feel greater strain on your back. You should also consider the fact that motorcycles handlebars come configured for people of average height. This can mean that you will have to stoop if you are taller than average, thus adding strain to your back.


We have just mentioned this element in the above argument. If you are above average in height, then you are likely to feel the strain of having to stoop in order to reach your motorcycle’s handlebars.

The good news is that handlebars on motorcycles are some of the parts that can easily be changed and customized to fit your build.

Foot Pegs

Foot Pegs on a motorcycle are also another major factor that determines ride quality and comfort level. Again, most bikes come in standard configurations. The good thing is that you can easily adjust the position of the foot pegs on most motorcycles. You can also opt for aftermarket footpegs that are more suited to your posture.

Shipping your bike

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