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Must-Have Gear on Your Bike Trip

Going on a road trip? You need some essentials to make it through, from safety gear to leather gear. Whether you’re going camping in the mountains or headed to the beach, check out this list of essential gear you need to take with you.




For those group camping trips that require at least one overnight stay, you’ll need a tent. A two to three person dome tent is preferred because it’s compact and folds up flat. You’ll find this has more than enough room for mats, t-bags and travel gear. You may also want to get a self-inflating mat for easy sleeping.


Leather Gear


Leather gear is a must for anyone going long distances on their bike. You’ll need:


  • Leather jacket
  • Chaps
  • Gloves
  • Vest for body core protection
  • Riding boots
  • Eye protection
  • Rain gear



The use of leather gear where appropriate is a critical aspect to road trip planning. Not only does leather protect from road rash and the sun, it also provides protection against rain, wind and road debris. Plus, it gives you a way to retain hydration on those long, hot trips.




When riding long distance, a bandanna is crucial to keep the rain from stinging your face. Tying a bandanna around your mouth and nose will also cushion the blow from bugs, wind, gravel and road grit. Don’t get just any old bandanna, though—a leather fleece lined one would be perfect. It keeps the rain away, doesn’t get soaked with every breath you take, and keeps your face dry. You can even wear a bandanna around your neck to keep the chill out.




To keep your phone and other devices fully charged at all times, pick up a 12-volt battery charger
power adapter that you can plug right into your battery tender connection. You don’t want to have to keep stopping at rest areas to feverishly plug your phone into the wall!


Toiletry Bag


Fill a waterproof bag with miniature versions of shampoo, conditioner and soap. This way, you can bring this handy bag to the shower stalls at camp grounds, for instance, without having to juggle everything you need in your hands. A bag with a hook is preferred so you don’t have to set it on the ground. Pack travel towels, face cloths, tooth brushes and toothpaste, and hair care items as well.


Rain Gear


You never know what Mother Nature will do. While your leathers will provide some protection in small showers and sprinkles, extended downpours will leave you soaked. Rain gear is necessary for long trips where the weather is unpredictable.



Aside from clothing and food, you should pack other essentials in order to be able to safely enjoy your trip. These items include sunscreen, lotion and lip balm to keep your body hydrated and protected from the harsh UV rays of the sun.


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