Motorcycle Riding into Canada

If you’re planning a one-way motorcycle ride into Canada in the near future, make sure you have all your ducks in a row. From registrations to passports, gather up all the essentials just in case for legal entry into Canada. As you well know, things are a bit different since September 11. Plus, some types of cycles aren’t allowed over the border. Do your research and you’ll be on your way in no time.


Book your return trip before you leave. If you’re planning on shipping your motorcycle back once you get into Canada so you can enjoy a long-term vacation, make the arrangements well beforehand. Prior to setting off you on your journey, call AA Motorcycle Shipping to learn affordable quotes on shipping motorcycles from Canada.


Bring documentation: In addition to a passport for yourself, you’ll need a title or registration for your motorcycle. Your shipping provider will take care of paperwork for the return trip, but going down, you’ll need to bring the right proof of ownership.


Make sure the bike is admissible. You can visit to see if your type of motorcycle is allowed into Canada. Checking with the Registrar of Imported Vehicles is imperative, as the last thing you want is to be turned away at the border. On this site, you’ll find helpful info on the permanent importation of vehicles originally made for distribution in the United States market into Canada. Your bike will have to meet the standards set forth by the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (CMVSS).


Check with U.S. Customs. The United States wants to be sure the bike you’re riding out of the country hasn’t been stolen. Makes sense. They also want to be sure there are no outstanding debts or liens on the bike. Check out U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regulations before you go.


Check hours. Some border crossings don’t stay open as late as others; some aren’t even in operation on weekends. Keep the original documents with you to ensure a quick interaction with the customs officer. Be patient when waiting in line at border crossings. Many factors can slow things down, such as elevated terror alerts, volume of traffic, time of day and number of vehicles in line ahead of you.


Declare any items that are questionable. Read up on the list of illegal items to bring into Canada and leave them at home or risk abandoning them at the border. Some of these can be as benign as leather goods and certain fruits and vegetables.


Be courteous. The best way to ensure a smooth transition into Canada is to have the necessary paperwork (such as certificate of ownership) ready right away, be helpful, courteous and above all patient. Answer any questions asked of you and you’ll soon be on your way.


Enjoy your trip into Canada, and rest assured your bike will be shipped back on your requested day seamlessly and affordably with AA Motorcycle Shipping.


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