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One-Way Road Trip to Colorado

Perhaps you’re headed to Colorado for a long stay with a friend and want to ride your bike there but not on the way back. Sometimes people opt to do this when they are venturing further into the state on fun off-road, skiing, long-distance skiing or snowmobiling excursions that make taking a motorcycle impossible. Maybe you rode your bike up in late summer but will be returning in early winter when it’s too cold out to ride home. Whatever your reasoning, be sure to have a trusted motorcycle shipping provider handy.


Here are some great road trips and scenic byways to take in Colorado:


Trail Rodge Road Scenic and Historic Byway


Have you always wanted to see Rocky Mountain National Park up close and personal? Now’s your chance when you hit the Trail Ridge Road Scenic and Historic Byway, which just so happens to be the country’s highest paved road that doesn’t come to a dead-end. Rocky cliffs covered in pine trees…grazing elk…tundra that goes on for miles…these are just a few of the spectacles you’ll witness on this 48-mile (one way) road trip.


Santa Fe Trail Scenic and Historic Byway


This harks back to the original Santa Fe Trail that paved the way for pioneers and traders in the 1800s. Now, you can do some exploring of your own on this same trail throughout Colorado. You won’t have any trouble with this ride, as it’s very straight and consistent. You’ll travel through Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site, created in 1833 as a trading post, as well as Comanche National Grassland, a modern-day throwback to the original prairies and plains our forefathers traversed. This is a long trip, at 184 miles (one way). It’ll take you about four hours to complete.


Mount Evans Scenic and Historic Byway


This happens to be the highest paved road in all of North America, rising to an elevation of more than 14,000 feet above sea level. You’ll start off in the quaint mining town of Idaho Springs, traveling along Highway 103 to the junction of Highway 5 to get to Mount Evans Road. Pine tree groves dot the landscape at first, but then once you get further along, you’ll be riding along exposed mountainside for awesome views of cavernous valleys and rocky peaks. Be careful way up, as there are no guardrails. This is a relatively short sprint, at 28 miles (one way), taking you about an hour.


Pawnee Pioneer Trails Scenic and Historic Byway


For the ultimate in flat, open rides, check out this route through miles and miles of prairie as part of the Pawnee National Grassland. You’re sure to spot some Pronghorn antelope, coyotes and prairie dogs along the way. It’ll take you about three hours to travel the 128-mile distance (one way).


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