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Budgeting for a Long Road Trip on the Bike

Heading out on the open road for an extended trip takes preparation and planning. If you’re starting to plan for your next big trip, you’ll need to come up with the money for it first. This isn’t always easy, but with a budget in place, you can ensure your vacation is well-funded. Whether you’re going to a national landmark, camping or to the beach, you can sit back and know your budget is firmly in place.


Should you ship your cycle? There are a few considerations that go into this decision. Shipping your cycle will contribute to the overall cost quite a bit. However, that’s money well spent when you consider that your bike is packed and loaded for a safe trip. A one-way destination is perfect for shipping your bike; you get to continue on your vacation in out of the way places exploring corners of the country you never knew existed, all while knowing your motorcycle is bring treated with care.


How much fuel should you budget for? You’ll have to have a pretty detailed plan in order to come up with a projected cost. Consider these factors:


  • Mileage you plan on covering
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Cost of fuel


Do a search online to determine the cost of fuel in the areas you plan to visit. When you factor in the fuel efficiency of your tank with the miles you plan to cover, you can come up with a rough figure.


Will you have to perform bike maintenance? If you’re going on a really long road trip, budget in the cost for oil changes, tire rotations, and general tune-ups.


Where will you sleep? Accommodations will probably eat up a big part of your daily budget. You can get a hotel for as cheap as $75 a night on up to hundreds per night. Or, you can opt to stay at a campground for a significant savings.


Where will you eat? Food expenses represent another major portion of the budget. You can hit fast food joints for all your meals, or you could heat up some hot dogs and beans at the campgrounds you stay at for the most affordable dining. You don’t have to cheap out the whole time, though; you can split it up so you’re eating on the run for breakfast and lunch, with a stop at a decent restaurant for dinner. Street vendors, farmers markets and local holes-in-the-wall are great options too. Bring snacks with you so you’re not always spending money on food.


Don’t forget the small stuff. Leave room in your budget for incidentals and toiletries that you need to pick up along the way. You’ll also want souvenirs of the places you’re seeing, as well as a coffee now and then to stay alert. Keep a small amount of cash on you at all times.


Should you decide to ship your cycle as part of your one-way road trip, call AA Motorcycle Shipping today. Check out our Quote page to plug in your specifics. We’ll get back to you with a price to ship your cycle.

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