How to Save a Few Bucks on Your Motorcycle Trip Part 1 Lodging

Hitting the road with your bike is no doubt something you think about all year. You probably spend the whole year saving up for your trips, too. Your road trips don’t have to cost a fortune…heed these tips to save a few bucks on lodging during your next road trip with the bike.


Don’t just assume you’ll shell out $100 a night for lodging in hotels along your route. Think outside the box and opt for other types of accommodations that are not only cheaper but that connect you with other bike enthusiasts. Check the Motorcycle Travel Network for a list of bed and breakfasts that cater just to motorcyclists.

Try staying at a youth hostel. No, you don’t have to be 18 and backpacking through Europe to stay at a hostel. You can be of any age to stay at one of these, and usually you can get a private dorm room for between $35 and $45 a night, or a double room for as low as $15 to $20 per night. Visit Hostelling International USA to make a reservation before you go.


Another unique option is to house sit for someone while they’re away. You can find a housesitter if you need one while you’re traveling, or browse people who want someone to house sit for them. You may get lucky and find someone along your route. The service itself is free at



How about looking into furnished rental apartments? Check your local newspaper online or a website like Craigslist to locate a decent apartment for as low as $40 a night for the entire month. This is best for extended stays of course. While you’re at it, get a quick quote on motorcycle transport for a reputable shipper to get your bike back home for you while you enjoy your long-term road trip.



Campgrounds are always a cheap option, costing as low as $25 a night in some spots. You may even be able to get free lodging if you barter with work done around the grounds. Look for campgrounds that cater to motorcyclists.
Dorm lodging at a local college is another option but it can be hit or miss. You’d have to research this beforehand. If you do manage to score a dorm room, this is a very affordable way to rest your head.


If you don’t like the sterile feel or high cost of hotels, check AirBnb is to see who in your area is renting out a room in their home. At last count, you could rent unique rooms from hosts within more than 190 countries.


Before you set out anywhere, always do your research and book as many places as you can. You can always leave it up to luck along the way when stopping at motels, but do you really want to chance it? Plus, you might end up paying big hotel bills because you’re desperate for food and sleep late at night.


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