Crazy motorcyclists

Its a Crazy Motorcycling World

They call it crazy: We call it adventurous

If you thought crazy motorcyclists can only be found in Russia, then you would probably be right. When it comes to road rage, crazy stunts, roadside fistfights, meddling in U.S elections and everything else, Russia clearly takes pole position.

Cameras Everywhere

The whole thing is, of course, largely down to the fact that almost every Russian vehicle is now equipped with one form of recording device or the other. If a Russian motorcyclist sneezes, it is more than likely that the incident will be captured by tens of cameras.

Crazy Motorcyclists

Oh well. We do digress. This article is meant to show some of the crazy motorcycling videos that are circulating across the World Wide Web. Some of the stunts that are shown here are probably major reasons why there is so much acrimony between motorcyclist and car drivers. A word of warning; some of these daredevils end up eating dirt, but who are we to judge?

  1. How to Zip Through Traffic in Rush Hour Like a Maniac

Okay, this guy is actually one of the most devilish motorcycling daredevils that we have ever come across. I mean, the video is actually a win, which makes it less interesting, in the crazy world that is YouTube, but boy!

We have previously written about this guy in one of our posts and thought it prudent to mention him one more time among the amazingly crazy bikers that are floating around out there. In the United States, California is about the only state that allows lane splitting. However, the thing must be very legal in Brazil because the dude in the above video is doing it all over the place.

The Educational bit

The above video was shot somewhere in Brazil, which only goes to show that daredevils can be found all over the world. We do have to say that there is, all things considered, something educational about the whole thing.

If you are going to ride your bikein rush hour traffic, this is the best way of doing so. Of course, you are likely to leave other motorists more un-amused than usual, but we don’t really give a care about that, do we?

The Comments

So, what have people had to say about the crazy rider. Well, some of the comments are not really proper for a, ahem, family oriented blog like ours. “This guy is an…(synonym for donkey)” one of the comments says. In any case, we don’t actually see why people are so peeved. Bikers are so not understood, right?

  1. Only in Russia

Okay, some of the things that we are chronicling here could only ever happen in Russia. The above video shows some guy in the Russian city of Syktyvkar. Believe it or not, the individual in question is actually cruising around with a Bear on his bike.

Where he was going with the animal and where he had found it can only be left to conjecture. Needless to say here that somebody should, please, please, call the SPCA (or its Russian equivalent.) That video is likely not going to end well for the poor human. Never mind the bear. The Bear will just be fine on his motorcycle.

  1. Motorcycling Fails

We have previously written a number of articles in which we mention the fact that motorcycles have some of the highest mortality rates of any motor vehicles. Think we are exaggerating? Just consider the fact that in the year 2006, 13.10 out of 100 000 cars got involved in fatal accidents across the United States. And the figure for motor cycles? 72.37 per 100 000.

There is clearly a discrepancy between the two forms of transportation, but then that is not going to stop us from having fun, right? You just have to look at the guys in the above video. Although none of the incidents were likely fatal, it is more than probably that other important things, besides the poor motorcycles, were severely damaged!

The video starts with some poor guy failing to negotiate a slight curve on the road and clattering unceremoniously onto the sidewalk. Fortunately, he just narrowly manages to miss an ominous looking pole.

And from the voices that can be heard over the video, the guys are , what do you know, in Russia! There is another biker who, after carrying out an actually nicely executed stunt, manages to spoil the whole thing by shooting through a mercifully empty intersection. Okay, some of the clips in the above video actually look a bit dangerous. Hopefully, all of them went home with most of their bones intact.

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