Affordable Motorcycle Travel: Choosing Cheap Lodging

There’s nothing quite like the open road when you’re facing your next motorcycle trip! Motorcycle travel can be an affordable mode of transportation, but even the most budget conscious will have trouble fitting affordable lodging into the mix. To save money for gas, food and entertainment, you’ll have to cut back on where you lay your head for the night. Here are some affordable options:




The ultimate in money saving options, hitting a campground for the night is probably the most economical choice for you. For as low as $30, you can pitch a tent for the night and enjoy a campfire while you’re at it. Plan ahead and buy a blow-up mattress to take with you on your trip along with a small foldable tent. You’ll get a good night’s rest at a fraction of the cost of the hotel down the street.


However, just like with pets, not all campgrounds are keen on motorcyclists due to the noise. Check out this link for a map of motorcycle-friendly campgrounds, bed and breakfasts, cabins and parks around the country. You may even be able to score a free campsite for yourself. Did you know camping is free in the United States in the National Forest and on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land? Just be sure to stay at least 200 feet off the roadway and avoid staying in areas where “no camping” is posted.


Connect with a Host


In a similar way to how Airbnb works, you can find people near you willing to host you for the night. Check out, a free database of people willing to host other people to sleep on their sofa. If you prefer to stay with a fellow motorcyclist, check out Motorcycle Travel Network – an international network of riders that welcomes other riders to stay with them in their homes. This is a great way to network with others who have similar interests. You have to pay a yearly membership, so use this option only if you’re a frequent traveler. The cost is $15 per person or $20 per couple for the night.




The most traditional way to sleep while on the road is at a motel or hotel. Not all are priced the same, as you know, so scope out the cheapest accommodations before you set out. Check out Road Trip America for the most affordable lodging on your route. You’ll also get great advice on cheap eats. When you check into your motel, ask the clerk for the best discount available. That could be AAA, AARP, AMA or something similar. If you’re at a hotel, ask for an upgrade. Hotels want to fill rooms, so if they’re not at capacity, they will often work with you to get you in a room at a price you can afford. Don’t be afraid to haggle. It can’t hurt, and most times, it will work out in your favor. They’d much rather accommodate you at a lower price than see you walk out the door.


One final way to save on a one-way road trip, for instance, is to have your motorcycle shipped back to your home so you can extend your vacation into unchartered areas. Be smart about the lodging you choose when traveling by motorcycle. We are here to help with efficient services and affordable prices for motorcycle transport, so call AA Motorcycle Shipping now.


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