motorcycle tricks and wins

Best Motorcycle Tricks and Wins

From the way that we have been writing about motorcycle fails, you would be forgiven for thinking that daredevils are falling off their bikes all over YouTube. However, that is hardly the case. In fact, there are a lot of motorcycle wins out there, as you can see in the clips below. The whole, point, in any case, whether you fall off or stay on your bike, is to have fun. And the people in the clips that we are talking about today definitely know how to have fun. What’s more, they are actually good at what they do! Here are a few motorcycle tricks and wins;

  1. The first rider, at the 30th second, performs an impressive wheelie around the track, landing on the poor yellow car. You would think that this makes the whole thing something of a fail, but we suspect that landing on the car is part of the trick.
  2. From the 39th second, the biker is even more impressive. How he manages to stay on his bike while going round and round is amazing. Again, he lets the bike fall onto the ground at the end, but that is all clearly grandstanding.
  3. The third biker, from the 50th minute, does a similar stunt, save for the fact that he is faster. His bike is also yellow, but that is beside the point.
  4. On the 1:01 minute mark, there is another biker who one actually fears is going to fall over onto the ground. However, the seemingly erratic ride clearly has method. And he doesn’t even throw his bike onto the ground like all the other bikers. Or, perhaps, he does, but off camera.
  5. From the 1:19 mark, the biker performs a stoppie, and several leaps that leave one feeling as if the dude, whose attire matches his green bike, will inevitably fall. However, this, after all, is a win writeup, and the biker remains on his bike.

Enough of that clip. There are, if you are willing to continue watching it, other bikers who perform similarly amazing stunts. Now, let’s take a look at the next video clip from YouTube. Again, this is a compilation of motorcycle wins, so move on if you expect to see anyone falling in this video.

  • Okay, so, maybe we were a bit premature in our exaltation. The very first clip in the video above involves someone falling onto their behind from their motorcycle. However, the reason that this one is a win has to do with the dude who then saves the girl from suffering any serious harm by holding her hand even as she slides on the mercifully wet ground.
  • In the next clip, from the 30th mark, there is another fall, with some part or the other actually coming off the bike. However, the thing that makes this a win is the fact that the poor guy falls onto his two feet. Never mind the bike.
  • No one falls off the bike in the clip from the 46th The amazing thing about this video is that there are three bikers on the bike. One gets the feeling that the three are courting disaster, but nothing untoward ends up happening.
  • In the next clip, a group of bikers are riding their bikes feet-on-the-saddle. It would be an amazing stunt, save for the fact that one of them falls onto the hard tarmac. The fall is itself not hard, but it’s still a fall. So, what is it that makes this video a win? Well, how about the fact that the riderless bike continues on its way as if nothing has happened. One of the bikers then goes after it and manages to catch it before directing it towards a fall on the grass, where the damage is much less than would have been the case had it, like its owner, fallen onto the tarmac.
  • Cameras are probably the reason why so many people are ending up in the dust, on the tarmac and in water. There is something about being in front of a camera that’s making people forget everything about safety. On the 1:25 minute mark, three or four people lie on the ground while another leaps over them with his bike. The ramp is a precarious looking wooden contraption. It’s merciful that the thing holds and the rider leaps over the prone people. However, from the dust that rises in the distance, it’s not clear whether he actually manages to stay on his bike at the end of the day.
  • Okay, the next clip at 1:39 seconds is more to some people’s liking. For one reason or the other, the two people in the clip have decided that they will use their bike to open beer, and they are actually succeeding at it. The guzzler looks guzzled after downing one too many for the sake of YouTube, but that is beside the point.

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