best motorcycling blogs 2018

Best Motorcycling Blogs for the year 2018

With the world fast approaching the end of the first quarter of the year 2018, it is not surprising that some are already asking; “Where in the name of everything has the year gone.” Time, as they say, flies, bringing along both disappointments and rewards. We are going to let you stew over the disappointments on your own, for the simple reason that we would rather talk about the interesting things that have taken place so far this year, particularly on the motorcycling scene.

Biker Blogs are coming into their Element

One of the things that we have noticed so far this  year is that biker blogs have slowly been coming into their element, as more and more people set out to talk about both their adventures and misadventures. And of course, a large part of the content that is now available with regards to motorcycles can be found on YouTube.

Here, you can have more than your fill of fails, wins and people otherwise expressing their sickness and tiredness over the loudness of motorcycles, among other complaints. The complaints mostly come from car drivers and irate neighbors who, as many a biker will tell you, are just jealousy.

Well, we bikers  tend to be a bit show offish, but we will not dwell on that in this write-up. In any case, here are some of the best motorcycling blogs that can be found out there;

  1. Revzilla

The thing about Revzilla is that it is one of the best online motorcycle accessories shop that you will be able to find anywhere out there. The following are but a few of the items that you can buy through Revzilla;

  • Helmets
  • Riding Gear
  • Parts
  • Accessories
  • Tires

The Revzilla Blog

One of the things that you will notice is that most of the online shops that are out there actually have a blog section on their portals. This has mainly to do with Search Engine Optimization and the need to have one’s site appear as much as is possible on Search Engine Result Pages.

The great thing about the Revzilla blog is that the content that can be found there is usually no more than a few days old. You can therefore expect to get insights on a wide range of current motorcycle related topics.

Here, as an example, is a recent article that talks about the cheapest motorcycles that can be found across the globe. And judging by the number of comments that each of the articles on the Revzilla blog attracts, the site has a fairly loyal troop of visitors.

  1. Biker’s Hub

This is another great motorcycling blog that you will be able to find out there. Dedicated mainly to biker enthusiasts in the United Kingdom, the blog offers a wide range of articles that cover motorcycle related topics.

The blog section contains a wide range of informative motorcycling tips. Biker’s Hub is dedicated to giving its readers news, riding routes, reviews and much more. It also brings discounts to members from insurance companies and more.

  1. Ride Apart

If you are looking for great tips and news from the motorcycling world, then Ride Apart is another of the great motorcycling Blogs that you should check out. The blog has the feel of a well maintained platform, which is not really surprising, considering that new content is constantly being published.

You may have noticed that the issue of content renewal is one of which we have dwelt quite a lot in this article. The thing is, Search Engines use this as a parameter for determining the seriousness, or lack of it therein, of any blog or website.

A site that is constantly being worked on is preferred, for the simple reason that it is much more likely to be able to provide readers with current, well researched and well written information.

  1. Visor Down

One of the things that you will notice about Visor Down is that the site has a prominent advertising banner right at the top, which can be annoying to some people. But then, with more and more people using that as a way of monetizing their sites, finding ads on blogs should really not be surprising to anyone.

Visor Down does, however, have a wealth of content on a wide range of interesting subjects. From motorcycling news to bike comparison articles and YouTube videos, you will be able to find it all here.

Another great thing about this blog is that it has a section that is dedicated entirely to beginner bikers. This makes it the go to place for those who have just taken up motorcycling. The tips that you find here can be all that stands between you and the hard tarmac.

  1. AA Motorcycle Shipping

We wouldn’t be doing ourselves justice, would we, if we were to leave without mentioning that this site’s blog section is one of the best that you will be able to find anywhere out there. Like most of the blogs that are mentioned above, we cover a wide range of topics, and pride ourselves in constantly producing top quality, well written articles.

Motorcycle Shipping

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