Biker patches

It’s a known fact. Bikers like to gather in groups. They like to identify with each other and for the most part, they have a bad reputation. It’s not something they’ve worked particularly hard on changing or refuting, but in all honesty, it’s really all about the image and comes down to the bark being worse than the bike. In the age of the modern biker, where a top of the line Harley Davidson can sometimes cost more than a small condo, the bad boy reputation has been watered down a bit. So, what are biker patches and where can you get them?

The “colors” of biker clubs are still a prominent feature of riding groups. Riders display their badges very proudly on their cut off vests, and the honor of wearing them is not taken lightly. The placement and size is of vital importance and have to be earned. Like most groups, there is a hierarchy and badges are earned through loyalty, longevity, seniority, tasks and ability.

So next time, you see a group of riders passing by, pay attention to their vests. A lot can be learned from them

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