Christmas Bike Runs

Christmas Bike Runs

Christmas is fun time for most around the world. But of course there are always the less fortunate, who cannot fully embrace the festivities of the holiday season. The motorcycle community nationwide has done their fair bit to ensure that the under privileged and hospitalized kids manage to enjoy a bit of the Christmas spirit and receive a gift from rallies held around the country.

A lot of these rallies occur months before December, since not everyone is fortunate enough to live in southern California where a bike rally can still occur late into November with the sun still shining and the roads still dry.

Entrance to one of these FUNd Raising events is usually an unwrapped toy that can be donated to a kid. But of course the generosity is never limited to one item and these rallies are a very effective way of bringing joy to the poor children who cannot be at home with their family and are usually stuck in a hospital bed.

The spectacle is a sight to behold. Big burly bilkers dressed as Santa Claus with a stuffed toy strapped to their fully kitted Harley Davidson, side by side. The rallies are held in the best spirit and are extremely well attended. The true Christmas spirit abounds with bikers from all walks of life attending the fun and bringing happiness and brightness to the children.

Toy runs have long been a tradition in the biker community. It’s a way to break the bad biker image that was created all those years ago and has been extremely successful in bringing happiness. This last black Friday, I came a cross an extremely interesting article about a Hell’s Angel Member stood in line for five days at a store in Fresno, so he could be the first in line to buy all the bicycles in the store so he could donate them to a local hospital. You can read the whole story at this link.

So if you have some spare time, go buy a toy and find out where the closest Toy Run is taking place, hop on your bike and bring some good cheer to the world.


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