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How to be Ready for Anything on Your Motorcycle Trip

With a trip in the works, you have to be able to rely on your cycle to get you through every road condition possible. Taking the extra steps now to ensure your bike is in good condition will go a long way toward ensuring a seamless trip – no matter where the road may take you. Heed these tips before setting out:


  1. Use enough straps and bungees. All it takes is one bungee cord to come loose, slip into the tire well and cause a crash. Use soft saddlebags and secure them with an extra bungee cord or strap. If you really want to cover your bases, run the bungee through the handle on one of the bags so the whole thing doesn’t shift around. Bring a few extras in case one snaps.
  2. Invest in water proof luggage. This will ensure your belongings stay dry in the event you get caught unawares in a rain storm. Don’t have waterproof luggage or it’s not in the budget? Line your bags with a trash bag to keep water out. Place your emergency items in an accessible place such as the seat or tank.
  3. Use a backpack. For necessities that you need to access quickly, wear a small backpack that you can rest on the seat or luggage at your back. In case you have to stop to make a call or consult a map if you get separated from a group, you’ll be able to easily reach and get what you need without rummaging through luggage.
  4. Trailers: do you really need them? Many people enjoy their bike-trailer combo, but many others feel they’re cumbersome as well as a safety issue in the event you need to stop quickly. If you need to lug that much stuff, consider a shipping company to help you out. Consult with a motorcycle transport company, which incidentally can also provide shipping for your cycle on one-way road trips.
  5. Paint protection. You’re likely very protective of your motorcycle’s paint job, especially when setting out on a long road trip when you know the debris will really give your cycle a run for its money. To prevent chipping, scuffing and scratching at the points where luggage, bungee cords and straps meet the paint job, cover those areas with masking or duct tape. Bonus tips: wax the area before applying the tape for easy peel-off later.
  6. Give your bike a once-over: When you load up your motorcycle for a long trip, it’s a different experience than when you’re simply riding it around for the day. The extra weight will affect the handling and braking, so be sure to adjust the suspension settings before heading out. Take it for a quick ride around the neighborhood or a parking lot to see how it responds to normal driving. You’ll have to go slower and brake sooner to accommodate the extra weight.


With these tips, you can be ready for anything that comes your way while taking a road trip on your bike. Get quick, affordable quotes from AA Motorcycle Shipping when planning your route.

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