How to do Motorcycle Stunts

Motorcycle Stunts: How to do it like they do on YouTube.

How to do Motorcycle Stunts

If you have always dreamed of becoming a motorcycle Stunt Master, along the lines of those that are constantly popping up on various YouTube channels, then you have come to the right place. Each day, seemingly thousands of videos are released on the channel showing one daredevil or the other zipping along on their ride at seemingly impossible angles and speeds.

The Fails

Of course, a lot of these guys fall unceremoniously onto the ground, thus contributing to an equally popular stream of motorcycle fail videos. However, we are not talking about these unfortunate wannabe daredevils here. This article is dedicated entirely to turning you into a motorcycle stunt master and not a fail. That’s not going to stop us, however, from showing you a fail or two in the video below;

Your Own YouTube Channel

We can avow that by the end of this article, you will be running your own channel, complete with millions of fawning followers. Well, probably not, but you will be on your way there in any case.  So, how can you master motorcycle stunts?

How to Master Motorcycle Stunts

The first thing that you need to know is that there are a wide variety of motorcycle stunts that you can try. We have already mentioned wheelies, stoppies and burnouts. Browse through YouTube and these are the most common types of bike stunts that you are likely to come across. We are, therefore, going to concentrate on these three types of motorcycle stunts here;

  1. Wheelies

Wheelies, as we have already noted, are some of the most common motorcycle stunts that you are likely to come across on YouTube. Do it right and you will, in no time, become the envy of your peers.  Do it wrong and you are likely to go unceremoniously clattering onto the ground like so many others. No doubt you will contribute immensely to the hilarity but that’s not what you should be looking for, right?

What is a Wheelie?

Of all the stunts that you can perform on a motorcycle, wheelies are some of the easiest. The basic wheelie involves lifting your motorcycle’s front wheel off the ground.  The thing to note, however, is that there are several ways through which you can achieve wheelies. You can either do it using the motorcycles’ power or by “clutching.”

Power wheeling does demand that you have a particularly powerful motorcycle. Otherwise you risk becoming a YouTube fail, which may, as things go on the crazy world that is the World Wide Web,  end up getting  you even greater fame.

How to Perform a Pump Wheelie

  • In order to perform a pump wheelie, all that you need to do is ride your motorcycle in 1st gear at below 20km/h.
  • You then need to apply and suddenly let go of your front brakes.
  • Accelerate immediately afterwards while pulling on your motorcycle’s handlebars.

Potential Hazards

Okay, the information that we have just given may appear to be a bit scant and overwhelming, particularly for beginners. However, you only need to try it a few times and, probably, fall to the ground a few of those times in order to master it.

The one thing that you need to do is avoid panic as your motorcycle’s front wheel gets off the ground. If you overcompensate, you are likely to go beyond the optimal center of gravity, thus sending you unceremoniously to the ground.

 Too Much Acceleration

You should also avoid over-accelerating while performing the Pump Wheelies. Doing so also increases your chances of falling off your bike. Okay, maybe we are a bit obsessed with seeing people falling off their bikes onto their behinds on YouTube, but, what can we say. Human nature grants greater popularity to slightly calamitous spectacles.

  1. Wheel Burnouts

Burnouts are the second category of stunts that you are likely to come across on YouTube. They also tend to be the most popular. The sight and, we imagine, smell of burning rubber is something that has garnered legions of fans on the internet.  If you have been dreaming about performing a burnout, here are a few pointers;

What is a burnout?

A burnout, otherwise known as a power stop, is the process by which you keep your motorcycle stationary while rolling its wheels. The resultant friction produces heat and smoke, both of which can be particularly spectacular.

If you have been following stunt videos on YouTube, you will have come across videos of people who have lost their balances while trying to perform burnouts, sending them clattering into nearby walls. There have also been a few videos of motorcycles spectacularly catching fire on the back of a burnout gone too far. In any case, here is how you can perform a burnout;

How to perform a burnout

  • Put the unfortunate motorcycle that you wish to abuse into second gear
  • Engage the front brakes and the clutch all the way
  • With the thumb on your right hand, turn on the throttle. Four of your fingers should thus continue to hold onto the motorcycle’s brakes, with your left hand holding on to the clutch.
  • Start Revving your motorcycle (and prepare to be chugged against the nearby wall).
  • Okay, that won’t happen if you remain solidly on your feet.
  • Slowly release the clutch while keeping the front brake firmly engaged and your feet firmly on the ground.
  • The back tire on your motorcycle will begin to spin in the spectacular way that we have all come to love.
  • When you have inflicted enough damage on both your motorcycle and on the tarmac, pull the clutch all the way or release the throttle with your thumb.
  1. Stoppies

Stoppies are another of the motorcycle stunts that have been setting the internet alight over the past few years. Your motorcycle needs to have front disk brakes before you can perform a stoppie. If it does not have these, then you should forget about ever making this stunt.

In order to carry out the stunt, you need to be going at a speed of between 20 and 25km per hour. Pumping suddenly on the brakes has the effect of lifting the rear wheel of your bike off the ground.  Your weight needs to shift to the front wheel in order to successfully carry out this stunt, so this is something that you need to learn how to do.


If you try to carry out this stunt while going at an excessive speed, you are likely to fall headfirst onto the ground. You will also likely achieve the same result (falling) should you fail to properly shift your weight to the front wheel.  In any case, you will enjoy the spectacle from your hospital bed, if you are still able to. Till later…

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