How to Save a Few Bucks on Your Motorcycle Trip Part 2: Dining

Food is a significant part of your budget on any trip – but especially a motorcycle trip which can be exhausting and take a lot out of you. Sustenance a few times a day is a must, especially if you’re pairing your road trip with lots of sightseeing. That said, you don’t want to blow half your budget on food, so it’s time to get creative with what you eat and where you find food.


Freeze Dried Food


May sound gross now but when you’re really hungry and you already spent your allotted budget on gas that day, you’ll try anything. Actually, freeze dried camp food isn’t all that bad and has certainly come a long way. Stock up on some pouches, and keep them on you at all times. You’ll also need a small pouch and a plastic or fold-up utensil if you’re really looking for convenience – just add hot water and you’re all set.


If you’re planning on camping a few nights or staying at a cheap motel, you should also bring some nesting utensils, a microwavable bowl and metal cup, and even a bag of seasonings. All you need is access to a microwave or firepit to heat up the water. Campmor has great deals on nesting utensils, while metal cups and grills can be found at places like
Gift Certificates


Why pay full price when you can pay less than half? Check out for pretty sweet deals on gift certificates if you buy them for your favorite places ahead of time. Here, you can get $25 gift certificates for $10 and $10 certificates for just $3. It’s free to sign up and then you’ll get regular coupon codes to use for half off of that $25 gift certificate. All you end up paying is $5! All for having the forethought to plan ahead.


Go Travel-Sized


Minimus is a site that travelers will love. It sells pint-size versions of anything from toiletries to condiment packets perfect for on-the-go. This is a great idea if you are a frequent biker and camper who has to travel light. They cater to those on special diets, providing sugar-free and gluten-free products as well as individual sized food for all diets. From small creamer packets to salad dressing pouches, you can stock up for cheap here.




Websites like and gives you promotional offers for crazy good deals just for signing up and booking in advance.




No need to pay full price for dinner while on the go. Those prices are inflated anyway. And you don’t have to sacrifice quality by hitting up fast food joints all the time. Go out to eat early, around 4 or 5 p.m. for early bird specials. If you just can’t stomach going out to eat so early, go later but buy an appetizer as your meal during happy hour, or purchase one meal and split it between two people.


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