Motorcycle Shipping from Miami to California Adventure Trip

shipping a motorcycle from Miami to Califonia Pressed for Time

This summer I was lucky enough to have enough time to do a long slow beautiful ride from Los Angeles, California down to Miami, Florida. Wanting to maximize my time on the road, I decided to do a one-way trip and ship a motorcycle from Miami to California. I found the motorcycle-shipping rate at AA Motorcycle Transport, very reasonable and accommodating. In terms of the budget, distance and time, as well as what I wanted to accomplish during my time period, the motorcycle shipping was the best solution. They had a terminal in Pompano Beach where I could leave my motorcycle once I was done in Florida and they would ship it right back to my door in Los Angeles. An added bonus was my friend, who was also interested in the trip, only had the half the time to do it in. So he had his bike shipped to AA Motorcycle Transport’s terminal in Houston, Texas and flew there two weeks later. I picked him up from the airport, rode to the terminal to pick up his bike and carried on our road trip together.


The motorcycle shipping company was very helpful and flexible with the dates we had on offer and worked around our schedule to make sure this one way transport met all it’s dates and timelines. The bikes arrived safe and sound without a scratch. They were transported in enclosed air ride trucks and loaded onto a pallet. They stood safe and secure in the carrier without the risk of being shuffled about and bumping up against other bikes.

Once delivered to the terminals, the bikes were stored in a secure enclosed warehouse until transported. The decision to do this trip lay heavily with me for a while. I was not sure how to accomplish it without feeling too rushed or missing particular parts of the country that I really wanted to see. After calling a number of motorcycle shipping companies, I found AA Motorcycle Transport to be the most helpful, economical, knowledgeable and flexible with all of my specific requirements. The phone call left me feeling confident that I was not entrusting my new baby to a two-bit operation that would be moving my bike on a cattle truck. When calling, a live person always answered the phone and all emails were answered within a couple of hours of being sent.

They even offer an online tracking service that allows you to see the movement of your bike while it is en route. My trip was everything I wanted and expected it to be, made all that much better by the superior motorcycle shipping offered by AA Auto Transport.

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