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Shipping your motorcycle to or from Baltimore? We’ve got you covered with our hassle-free door-to-door service. Use our user-friendly shipping calculator to get the exact shipping cost for your motorcycle to or from Baltimore. It’s a simple and convenient way to streamline the process.

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Baltimore Motorcycle Shipping Company


Baltimore Motorcycle Shipping Company

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Our goal is to offer you expert guidance in selecting a reliable motorcycle shipping company and the best shipping approach. Whether your destination is Baltimore or elsewhere, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of your motorcycle is paramount. That’s why we highly recommend partnering with a seasoned company such as AA Motorcycle.

Convenient Door-to-Door Shipping Method

Door-to-door delivery stands as the most straightforward and hassle-free approach for motorcycle shipping. Through our transportation services, we’ll collect your bike from your current location and deliver it right to your specified destination in Baltimore. Consider the following benefits of our door-to-door service:

  • Seamless Door-to-Door Service: Motorcycle shipping made easy. We handle everything, from picking up to delivering your motorcycle directly to your desired destination, whether it’s within the U.S. or between the U.S. and Canada.
  • Top-notch Safety: Your motorcycle’s safety is paramount. We meticulously secure it on a specialized skid for secure handling during the entire trip.
  • Skilled and Dependable Team: Our seasoned drivers expertly load your motorcycle into enclosed trucks equipped with advanced lift gates, guaranteeing a trustworthy and secure transport experience for your prized asset.

Simple Shipping Cost Calculator

For precise motorcycle shipping rates to or from Baltimore, use our user-friendly motorcycle shipping calculator. Just input the cities or ZIP codes for pickup and delivery and provide your motorcycle’s year, make, and model. The calculator will instantly generate an accurate quote, allowing you to understand the shipping cost clearly.

You can choose to receive the quote via email or SMS for future reference, or proceed to place your order when you’re ready. Upon reviewing the pricing, you’ll find three options: 1) Email Quote 2) Text/SMS Quote 3) Place Order.

Sample Baltimore Motorcycle Shipping Rates

To / From Baltimore, MDDistanceCostEstimated Transit Time
Las Vegas, NV to/from Baltimore, MD2,330 miles$8002 weeks
San Francisco, CA to/from Baltimore, MD2,800 miles$8452 weeks
San Diego, CA to/from Baltimore, MD2,670 miles$8452 weeks
Houston, TX to/from Baltimore, MD1,330 miles$6891 weeks
Phoenix, AZ to/from Baltimore, MD2,190 miles$735 1 weeks
Los Angeles, CA to/from Baltimore, MD2,400 miles$8452 weeks
San Antonio, TX to/from Baltimore, MD1,525 miles$7351 week
Dallas, TX to/from Baltimore, MD1,210 miles$6891 week
San Jose, CA to/from Baltimore, MD2,850 miles$8452 weeks
Denver, CO to/from Baltimore, MD1,690 miles$7351 week
Military discount upon request via live chat.

Navigating the Freeways with Skilled Truck Drivers

Our experienced truck drivers rely on a well-maintained network of freeways in Baltimore. These freeway roads serve as the pillar of our transportation system, ensuring timely deliveries to our customers.

  • Interstate 95 (I-95): I-95 is a key north-south interstate highway in Baltimore, connecting the city to major East Coast destinations. It ensures our efficient motorcycle transport to and from Baltimore, enabling timely deliveries.
  • Interstate 695 (I-695) – Baltimore Beltway: The Baltimore Beltway (I-695) encircles the city, offering flexible routing options for our shipping within Baltimore. It helps avoid congestion and ensures on-time deliveries.
  • Interstate 83 (I-83): I-83 is a vital north-south route through Baltimore, providing direct access to downtown and neighborhoods. It’s ideal for our central Baltimore transport, minimizing our travel time.
  • Interstate 70 (I-70): I-70, an east-west interstate, passes through Baltimore, connecting it to western Maryland and cross-country destinations. It’s crucial for our cross-country motorcycle shipments.

The Best Motorcycle Shipping Company to Use

When selecting a motorcycle transport service, it’s vital to choose a company with a well-established track record of success and a solid reputation, both within the local community and online. In this aspect, AA Motorcycle not only meets but surpasses expectations in the following criteria:

  • Safe Loading with Liftgates: When choosing a motorcycle transport service, make sure they use liftgates on their trucks. At our company, all our trucks have liftgates for secure loading and unloading of your motorcycle. Avoid companies that rely on ramps, which can be less secure and increase the risk of damage.
  • Insurance Coverage: Our shipment automatically includes insurance coverage of up to $7,000 to protect your motorcycle during transit. Please note that this coverage is for the motorcycle itself and doesn’t extend to additional items. We prioritize your motorcycle’s safety, providing you with peace of mind.
  • Independent Reviews: Trust is crucial when selecting a motorcycle shipping company. We take pride in our excellent reputation, backed by genuine customer feedback on platforms like Google Reviews. We prioritize transparency by relying on independent platforms for authentic feedback.
  • Longevity and Experience: Opt for a company with a long history in the industry, demonstrating their expertise and reliability. Since 1983, we’ve been serving Baltimore’s motorcycle shipping needs, accumulating nearly four decades of experience. Our longevity reflects our commitment to handling your motorcycle with care and professionalism.

Sales & Customer Support Staff

Dion Saks

He has been with the company since its inception and runs the operations of the business.

Debbie T.

Customer Support/Service Representative. She has been at AA Motorcycle Shipping for 20 years!

Selwyn S.

Customer Support/Customer Service Representative.
20 years of experience at this company.

Julia H.

Accounting/Customer Service Representative.
Over 20 years of experience at this company.

Dave T.

AES Representative / Customer Service Representative.
20 years of experience at the company.

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