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Preparing to ship your motorcycle to or from Santa Barbara? Our hassle-free door-to-door service is here for your convenience. Calculate your motorcycle shipping costs to Santa Barbara effortlessly with our easy-to-use calculator.

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Santa Barbara Motorcycle Shipping Company


Santa Barbara Motorcycle Shipping Company

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When it comes to motorcycle shipping in Santa Barbara, ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of your motorcycle is crucial. Whether you need to ship your bike to or from Santa Barbara, choosing an experienced shipping company is a must. However, only a qualified company can handle the task with the utmost care. We will assist you in finding the most convenient shipping method and provide valuable insights into what to look for in a reputable motorcycle shipping company.

Convenient Door-to-Door Shipping Option

DOOR-TO-DOOR SHIPPING is a convenient and hassle-free method. Our company involves picking up your motorcycle from your location and delivering it directly to the destination address. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Convenience: With door-to-door shipping, you don’t have to worry about dropping off or picking up your motorcycle from a terminal. We take care of the entire process, saving you time and effort.
  • Direct Transport: Your motorcycle will be loaded onto a carrier or trailer at your pickup location and transported directly to the destination address in Santa Barbara. This method provides a whole and efficient transportation process.

Simple Shipping Cost Calculator

To make your motorcycle shipping experience in Santa Barbara even more convenient, take advantage of our motorcycle shipping calculator. This accessible tool enables you to calculate the shipping cost to or from Santa Barbara.

Simply provide specific details such as the origin, destination, bike specifications, and any additional services required. With just a few clicks, you can obtain an accurate quote, ensuring cost transparency and enabling effective budget planning.

Sample Santa Barbara Motorcycle Shipping Rates

To / From Santa Barbara, CADistanceCostEstimated Transit Time
Las Vegas, NV to/from Santa Barbara, CA 346 miles $690 2 – 3 days
NY City, NY to/from Santa Barbara, CA 2,796 miles $845 2 weeks
Chicago, IL to/from Santa Barbara, CA 1,983 miles $780 1 week
Houston, TX to/from Santa Barbara, CA 1,464 miles $780 1 week
Phoenix, AZ to/from Santa Barbara, CA 400 miles $690 2 – 3 days
Philadelphia, PA to/from Santa Barbara, CA 2,683 miles $8451 week
San Antonio, TX to/from Santa Barbara, CA 1,256 miles $734 1 week
Dallas, TX to/from Santa Barbara, CA 1,428 miles $7801 week
San Jose, CA to/from Santa Barbara, CA 287 miles $690 2 – 3 days
Denver, CO to/from Santa Barbara, CA 1,020 miles $7341 week
Military discount upon request via live chat.

Navigating the Freeways with Skilled Truck Drivers

By utilizing these major freeways, our shipping process is optimized, reducing travel time and avoiding unnecessary detours.  

  • US-101: This highway runs north-south and serves as a vital transportation route through Santa Barbara, connecting it to other cities and regions in California.
  • CA-1 (Pacific Coast Highway): This scenic highway runs along the stunning California coastline, providing access to Santa Barbara and offering picturesque views during the transportation process.
  • CA-227 (Broad Street): Serving as a local connector, CA-227 is an important route within Santa Barbara, facilitating efficient transportation within the city and surrounding areas.
  • CA-58 (McCarthy Boulevard): This highway provides a direct connection to Santa Barbara from the east, allowing for smooth transportation and accessibility to and from neighboring regions.

The Best Motorcycle Shipping Company to Use

When entrusting your motorcycle to a shipping company, choose a renowned and trustworthy company.  Here are some key factors to consider when evaluating motorcycle shipping companies:

  • Skills and Knowledge: Experienced companies have the knowledge and skills to handle various types of motorcycles and understand the intricacies involved in their transportation. They are equipped to handle any challenges that may arise during the shipping process.
  • Insurance Protection: A reputable company typically provides insurance coverage. This insurance protects your valuable asset from any unforeseen circumstances, such as accidents, theft, or damage. Having proper insurance coverage provides peace of mind throughout the shipping journey.
  • Liftgate Loading: It’s important to confirm that the company’s truck drivers use liftgates when loading and unloading motorcycles. Liftgates are hydraulic platforms attached to the rear of trucks, ensuring secure and damage-free handling of motorcycles. By utilizing liftgates, the risk of accidents, bumps, or scratches during the loading process is minimized. This extra level of care helps preserve the condition of your motorcycle during transportation.
  • Customer Feedback: Take the time to research customer reviews and testimonials to gain insights into the company’s reputation. Positive reviews on platforms like Google indicate that previous customers have had a positive experience with the company. Pay attention to reviews that mention professionalism, timely delivery, and careful handling of motorcycles.

We take pride in confirming that AA Motorcycle not only meets but excels in the criteria mentioned above, making us the ideal choice for shipping motorcycles to or from Santa Barbara.

Insurance Coverage for Protection

We understand the value and importance of your motorcycle, which is why our shipping service includes $7,000 of insurance coverage. This coverage offers peace of mind, protecting your motorcycle against any potential damage or loss during transportation. It demonstrates our dedication to the safety and security of your valuable asset throughout the shipping process.

Liftgates for Safe Loading and Unloading

All our truckers utilize liftgates during the loading and unloading process. Liftgates are hydraulic platforms attached to the rear of the trucks, providing a smooth and controlled transition for motorcycles. By employing liftgates, we minimize the risk of accidents, bumps, or scratches, ensuring that your motorcycle arrives in the same condition as when it was picked up.

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Our excellent service has earned us many great evaluations from delighted customers. We have high Google ratings due to our professionalism, reliability, and client happiness. These reviews are from customers who have shipped their motorcycles with us. Read these reviews to get a better idea of our service.

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