Female Motorcyclists

Motorcycle Stuntwomen on YouTube

From the articles that we have previously written on this channel, you would be excused for thinking that YouTube daredevils only come in the male variety. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. Browse through the channel and you will discover that there are quite a few stuntwomen out there. Not only that, but they just as dare devilish as their male counterparts.

Women Bikers

This article looks at some of the women bikers who can be found out there. Biking is, of course, a sport that is, by and large, dominated by men. However, the number of female bikers has been growing, as you will discover when you read this article. In fact, the figure has grown from around 8 percent of the total motorcycling riding population in 1998 to about 14 percent now. In any case, here are a few videos of motorcycle stuntwomen on YouTube.

  1. Female Motorcyclist on YouTube

Okay, this is a biker gang that I wouldn’t mind meeting any time. When most of us hear of biker gangs, the first things that come into our minds are bearded men who look as if they are on their way to rob a bank.

However, as you can see in the above video, there are several female biker groups floating around somewhere out there. The sight, we have to say, is quite refreshing.

Riding at night

As if riding a bike is not scary enough, these girls take it further, by cruising along the streets of Miami at night. There are even a few close calls. Just watch the above video to see what we are talking about.

The girl narrowly misses crushing into some idiot driver. The result is a steady stream of swearwords (and the mandatory middle finger), from the girl, which only goes to show that that will never change, whether one is male or female.

Okay, after watching more of the video, I do have to say the girl really gives the two guys who are mis-driving a piece of her mind. It’s a steady stream of swearing that anyone would very much be envious of. Not surprisingly, the girl later reports, all that the two guys can do is stare at her open-mouthed.

Contrary to what we all think we know about car drivers and motorcyclists not seeing eye to eye, one male driver actually offer a peace gesture to the girls. Apparently, male car drivers only hate male motorcyclists. Oh well!

  1. The Stuntwomen of YouTube Channel

Okay, potentially deadly stunts are the last things that you would expect female bikers to do. Those things are only done by half brain dead men, right? Wrong! You only have to go on YouTube to come across the countless stuntwomen whose antics have been watched by hundreds of thousands of people.

Crazy girl does motorcycle stunts on St. Louis streets 2015

The video above comes with the above title. I thought about changing the title for a while, before deciding after watching the video of the girl performing stunts on her bike, that she is, indeed, quite crazy.

Crazy good, that is!

I mean, the video fills you with that kind of trepidation that you get when watching a horror movie involving children. You know how they like to throw a little girl or boy into the heart of a scary scene? That’s that feeling that you get when watching the above video.

You are half terrified that she will totter off her bike and go clattering onto the hard tarmac. I know, male riders will accuse me of being biased in favor of women, but what can I say. I mean, the girl manages to maintain her balance despite the fact that she has the bike in an almost vertical position.

  1. Female Biker Fails

If you think that failing, much to the laughter of millions of people on YouTube, is only reserved for men, then you need to think again. You only have to look at  the hundreds of videos of women motorcyclists clattering unceremoniously onto the ground to get what we are saying.

Of course, most of the videos that are posted on YouTube are, other than for a bruised ego or two, not actually tragic. So, although some of the videos are quite cringe-worthy, you know beforehand that nothing really bad happened to the poor girl, right?

Most of the motorcycle fails by female riders that you will find on YouTube involve wardrobe malfunctions. Since this is a family blog, we won’t show them here. Needless to say that its really not wise to subject a miniskirt, or even a skirt, to the kind of winds that are generated when riding a motorcycle.

Into a Puddle

In any case, the above video begins with a girl, who is clearly being taught how to ride a motorcycle, unceremoniously clattering into a puddle. I do suppose that the water, somewhat, cushions her fall. However, it would not have done anything for her bruised ego.

The girl in the fourth clip is clearly not at fault in this fail. She is, after all, only a passenger on the bike. The clearly un-chivalrous male biker sends them both splashing into the water. And he doesn’t even have the wherewhithal to help the lady back onto the motorcycle.

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