Bike road rage

Of gun totting motorcyclists and drivers

One of the recurring nightmares that I have had over the past few years involves waking up blissfully one day and getting on my bike or in my car in preparation for the trip to work or the long day ahead and, along the way, meeting an irate fellow road users who, for one reason or the other, suddenly decides to pull a gun on me.

Bad Days and Bike Road Rage

I mean, we all have our bad days right? If you are like the typical human being, you probably have a few days when you wake up feeling as if you have had your bed on top of you throughout the night, and not the other way round.

How we act afterwards is where the difference between a gun totting biker or driver and a sane, considerate driver comes into play.

Back in 2016, reports surfaced about a 25 year old Canadian man who had been caught on camera while pointing a gun at fellow road users. The good thing in this instance is that after the police flighted pictures of the man, it did not take that long for the public to recognize him.

The reasons for his rampage were not give,  though it is possible that he was just having a bad day?

Irate Motorists

Now, the bad blood that exists between motorists and bikers is rather legendary. For one reason or the other (well, its mostly down to the fact that motorists cannot stand the fact that bikers are able to zip right past them in traffic heavy days), there is nothing that can easily set off a car driver better than the sight of a motorcyclist.

In Nevada, this rivalry came to a head, again in 2016, when a furious car driver pointed a loaded gun at a motorcyclist in the middle of rush hour traffic. The cause of the fracas?

Well, how about the fact that another motorist had kicked dust onto the dude’s passing red pickup truck. Its hard to believe, in any case, that someone could have been killed over dust. When contacted for a comment, the driver of the truck claimed that the bikers had been riding around recklessly, which probably only meant they were passing him in traffic.

Fatal Road Rage

Now, if you think all the videos that we are showing are from way back and do not involve anything that’s more serious than a gun merely being pulled, then you would be sorely mistaken. This story from abc13 news highlights the fact that where guns are involved, things can easily and quickly get out of hand.

In February this year, reports emerged that an elderly man had been shot dead by a female motorcyclist during an incident of road rage outside Seattle.

The incident had apparently been protracted, because the two had had the time to argue while riding and driving along, stop their vehicles and begin scuffling. At one point during the fight, the woman pulled out her gun and killed the man.

A needless waste of time

The really biting thing about all the road rage incidents is that people, who do not know one another and who would otherwise never have anything to do with one another, end up making life changing choices for some fickle reason?

One would actually think that if one is going to fight someone, it is better being someone that one knows! At least that way, one can lay claim to bragging rights well into the foreseeable future.

Killing a complete stranger over an incident on the road that one could easily have ignored appears to be really pointless. After 60 years, it’s hard to think that the man above met his end at the hands of a total stranger on the highway.

The Importance of Tolerance

The one thing that is highlighted by all these incidences is that there is need for tolerance across the board. There is really no need for people to get into fights with total strangers on the open road. These days, one never knows the mental stability of the people that one comes into contact with throughout the day.

Most people are on a rather short fuse, which is why one of the genres that’s has found traction on YouTube covers road rage videos!

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