motorcycles and beer, the two great enemies

Why Motorcycles and Beer should never be mixed

There are several reasons why, when it comes to riding a bike, teetotalism may be your best option. Motorcycle safety is something on which we have dwelt a lot on this blog, and your riding condition has a large bearing on your ability to get from one point to the other in one piece. Now, this article is not intended to get our readers to become safety maniacs. Motorcycle safety statistics tend to be frightening, yet drunk bikers are something you will only seldom hear about. That’s not to say, however, that they do not exist. Here are a few clips showing why you should never mix motorcycles and beer;

Why there are so few motorcycle drunk driving incidents

The first major reason why there appears to be a mismatch in the number of DUI incidents between motorcycles and other vehicles is, perhaps, simply the fact that there are fewer bikers than drivers!

There is also something, and this is rather fortunate, that’s unforgiving about motorcycles. Try to get on one after a long night of partying, and you are likely to immediately fall off. Riding a motorcycle is much more demanding for the individual involved than is the case with cars.

DUI Motorcycle Incidents on YouTube

As mentioned earlier on, this article’s major aim is to show you the consequences of getting on your motorcycle while plastered, and what better source of inspiration than YouTube?

  1. Knocked Down

The motorcyclist in the above click is one good example of why its important for you to keep off your bike when you have had a bit too much to drink.

The poor man has obviously had an enjoyable day, yet he decides to get back on his ride, despite the fact that he is probably having double vision.

To his credit, he is not plastered enough to immediately fall off the bike, but that works to his disadvantage in this instance.

Though he is able to get moving from wherever it is that he is coming from, the result of his binge is that he cannot quite keep his bike in a straight path while riding down the road.

At first, it appears as if nothing of consequence will brew from the incident. It’s just one of those incidences where the camera just happens to be pointed in the right direction, right?

Unfortunately for the poor man, and fortunately for his now multitude YouTube fans (hopefully, he is still alive), the drunk man on the bike makes one weave too many across the road. The last one that he makes, at least in the above clip, takes him into the path of a somewhat slow moving lorry.

In spite of its reduced speed, however, the thing still appears to be rather monstrous as it ploughs into the hapless rider.

For a moment there, you can actually see the poor fellow sobering up and slamming on the bike’s brakes. The lorry driver also needs a bit of defensive driving training, since the poor drunkard should have been visible from far off on such an open stretch of the road. In any case, the guy in the above clip appears to have hit the tarmac head first, which makes us really wonder about his fate.

  1. Softly onto the hard tarmac

Now, the man in the next clip is really drunk (why are men always the culprits?) Indeed, the fact that he is actually so far gone that he cannot even stay on his poor bike ends up working in his favour. In the perpetual fight against gravity, gravity wins, and the man ends up clattering softly onto the hard tarmac.

The whole thing is rather hilarious. Watch as the man struggles to get his bike right side up. You can actually sense him mentally trying to break through the fog that is his mind before making the supreme effort to right his bike.

To his credit, he succeeds. The clip ends at this point, and one can only hope that nothing tragic happened to him afterwards. That’s one of the major drawbacks with YouTube videos. Unlike something that’s in text on the internet, one hardly ever even knows the names of the main actors on the platform. What this means is that we can only wonder whether or not the man in the video made it home in one piece.

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