People vs Motorcyclists

People vs Motorcyclists: Why do other motorists hate bikers?

Okay, so the title of this article is a bit of an exaggeration. After all motorcyclists are people too and not all motorists hate bikers. That being said, you do have to admit that there is a certain animosity that exists between the two brands of road users. At least it appears to be the case from all the videos that are floating around on YouTube.

This article looks at some of them and leaves calling the verdict in your capable hands. Are other drivers justified in hating motorcyclists? Is the animosity simply because of the noise pollution? Or are there other issues at play here? In any case, here are a few cases from YouTube of motorcyclists clashing with other road users. We do have to admit that in quite a few of the instances, the bikers were, more or less, donkeys, but again, we will leave the judging in your capable hands. Here is our people vs motorcyclists expose’.

  1. Motorcycling Road Rage compilation

Okay, the video below starts a bit slow and we were on the verge of calling it lame when the compilation moves to two girls who almost get into a fistfight for one reason or the other.

The surprising thing is that the other girl is just a passenger on the motorcycle, and could, therefore, not be guilty of any infraction against the car driver. Despite this, the two women soon zero in on one another, and would most likely have come to blows had it not been for a burly, unadventurous male driver who stands between them. Oh well…!

The comments

Now, comments are where you really see the gulf that exists between the motorcycling public and other people. You would think a YouTube video by a biker would elicit some comments that are, at the very least, sympathetic to riders. Far from it, however.

Ninety something percent of the comments that have been written about the compilation in the above clip actually lambast bikers! Surprise surprise! Dan JP, one of the commenters (is commenters) on the above video, sums it all up by stating blithely; “..was the bikers fault.”

  1. Bikers Vs Cops

Believe it or not, there is actually a website out there called Bikes vs Cops. Cops are, for one reason or the other, another group of people that hates motorcyclist. You only have to watch the video below to see what we are talking about.

Apparently, doing wheelies in the middle of the freeway is illegal! For some reason, the off duty cop in the video decides to call on duty cops. Not getting into the spirit of the venture, cops begin chasing the poor biker. Meanwhile, the dude continues with his wheelies on the bike, in spite of the chasing police car.

The guy actually manages to, at the end of the day, make as clean a getaway as has ever been made. The only caveat in the entire thing is that if the cops are not half lazy, they are likely to catch him through his YouTube video. Oh well! What would be the use of shooting a video, even one that shows you executing potentially illegal stunts, if one cannot show them to the whole world, including policemen, on YouTube.

  1. Who is chasing who now?

This one is a clearly one to leave you scratching your head. It, again, features policemen and bikers. Lots of bikers. We mean, a whole gang of them. If you thought motorcycling gangs are a thing of the past, then you only have to watch the video below.

When I watched the clip, I actually first thought that the police cruiser was escorting the bikers during one rally or the other. You know, something like the Sturgis Rally? Don’t those things have police escorts?


In any case, the Cruiser in question is, at the beginning of the video, surrounded by a swarm of motorcycles. The police car is apparently giving chase to one of the bikers (I don’t know how they can determine which), while being chased in equally measure by the rest of the bikes.

The whole thing is going on at a sort of leisurely pace that is not typical of both cops and motorcyclists.

The crash

At the end of the day, two of the bikers crash into one another. The surprising thing is that the crash has absolutely nothing to do with the cops and their cruiser. It’s a simple matter of a biker swerving to the left and bumping into another.

The cop does have a satisfied look on his face as he gets out of his car, but, we repeat, the accident is none of his fault. Unless you can claim that the flashing lights dazzled the guilty biker into bumping into his poor fellow rider.

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