Riding in the snow

Riding a Motorcycle in the Rain, Wind and Snow

For most of us, there is nothing that’s as thrilling as the freedom that comes from riding a motorcycle along some serene highway on a beautiful, sunny day. The experience represents the ultimate achievement for thrill-seekers across the globe. The days are, however, not always sunny and inviting. We recently wrote an article in which we talked about the increase in gas prices that came on the back of cyclones Irma and Harvey.

The natural order of things

While a Cyclone may be extreme as an analogy, the fact still remains that the days alternate between rain, sun, wind and snow. It’s the natural order of things. So, what does one do when the sun refuses to smile on the well beaten motorcycle track? Although snow, as an example, holds an enthralling beauty of its own, for bikers, it often represents the height of treacherous riding conditions.

Tips on Riding in the Snow, Wind and Rain

The good news is that adverse weather conditions; at least those that are not extremely adverse, do not have to ground the thrill seeking spirit that reposes in your heart. We have previously written an article in which we give tips on riding your bike in the rain. This article expands on those tips and also covers motorcycle riding in snow and at the height of winter.

  1. Dress Properly

The first thing that you need to do when riding in adverse conditions is dress properly. Often, this is the thing that stands between loving and hating the ride. Human beings generally like being warm and dry. Fortunately, there is much that you can do to make sure that you remain this way even when riding in the snow.

Most helmets will give you the protection that you need from both the cold and rain. What you need to do, however, is make sure that no gaps remain that can let in the wind. You can do this by wearing a ski mask or a scarf. Make sure, however, that you do not seal yourself in. You definitely do not want to run out of oxygen….

  1. Get a Wind Shield

If riding in adverse conditions is the order of the day for you, you can take steps to protect yourself, at least from the chilly weather, by installing a windshield on your motorcycle. The good news is that this is a relatively easy undertaking that should appeal to DIY enthusiasts.

There are a wide range of motorcycle windshields, as you can see in the above video. Once you have installed a windshield, you can rest assured knowing that you have some protection against the wind, rain and snow. You can choose to have your windshield permanently installed, or can opt for the “quick release” type. The latter option allows you to quickly remove the windshield whenever you feel like riding without it.

  1. Have a proper riding gear

Most motorcycle jackets are not just designed to look sexy and appealing. Their main function is, in fact, to protect the rider’s body from the wind. For extra protection in adverse weather, you should be on the lookout for winter motorcycle gear. You can find a host of examples at Revzilla. The AGV Sport Sniper Jacket, as an example, is not only stunningly beautiful, but it also offers effective protection from the rain and wind.

Full protection from the rain does require extra measures. What you need to do is get a full body kit that enables you to ride comfortably even when it is raining. Again, your options in this regard are unlimited. The RS-2 Two Piece rain suit, as an example, will serve as an effective barrier against the rain.

  1. Get Waterproof Boots and Gloves

Part of the process of getting the correct gear when riding in adverse whether involves buying waterproof boots and gloves. Believe me, there is nothing that will make you give up on your bike faster than having rain soaked feet. It won’t even matter that the rest of your body is dry. Human feet and hands are designed to be some of the first body parts to feel the cold and you want to give them as much protection as you can from the elements. You should, however, be careful to make sure that whatever you wear on your hands does not prevent you from properly controlling your bike’s levers.

  1. Slow down in snow and rain

Riding in snow can be rather treacherous. That is why you should slow down and be gentle on your brakes, clutch, throttle and steering. You should also make sure that there is enough space between your bike and the vehicles behind and in front of you. Although you may not be hurt should you be unfortunate enough to fall off your bike, the greater danger comes from being run over by the vehicles that are following behind you.

  1. Buy Winter Tires

You can also vastly improve your bike’s traction by buying winter tires. What you need are tyres that have been designed to work in wet weather, which should go a long way in stopping you from becoming just another road static.

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