Snowbirds is not just for the elderly.

Snowbirds is not just for the elderly.

In years past, the traditional migration from the great white Canadian north to the sunny shores of  Florida and California for the winter was reserved for the elderly retired folks who did not want to spend the winter chilling to the bone. As soon as the maple leaves began to fall and Canadian Thanksgiving dinner was finished, the departure from the greater Toronto area commenced. Grandparents packed their Buicks and headed down to condominium heaven in Palm Beach, Florida. This became such a popular tradition that these people were nicknamed the Snowbirds and it became affectionately known as snowbird season.

This activity is no longer restricted to the elderly, nor just the east coast. With the advent of people making more money at a younger time of their life and being able to telecommute in business, it often makes no difference where their business is conducted. So the younger generation has joined the migration. And it has spread west to Alberta. So now you have swarms of Canadians coming to spend a large part of the winter in the sunny environs of California, Arizona and Florida.

It’s an easy thing for Canadians. The USA allows Canadians to enter into the USA without a visa for up to six months. This is very convenient for them because they have no customs issues to deal with. Crossing the border is a breeze, even with a fully loaded car. But as is the case with human nature, we accumulate toys! It’s all good and well to be able to drive down into the USA, but what does one do with the Harley Davidson that was bought in the summer, for those breezy rides up to the lake cottage? It’s no good sitting in the garage in the winter, while one basks on the sunny beaches of the sunbelt. It’s needed down south to share the sunshine.

That too is an easy fix. There are motorcycle transport companies that can do that for you. The motorcycles are transported in secure enclosed carriers, loaded onto specially designed pallets for security and the transport is door to door. All you need to provide is copies of your passport, registration, driver’s license, travel information and they can clear it through the border for you. It can be tuned to arrive there once you are settled in your new accommodations and ready to work on the winter tan.

Winters in the southern regions are extremely mild and enjoyable. Why not use it for all that it has to offer? Life is short and resources are plentiful.

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