Motorcycle Tracks in Florida

The Best Motorcycle Tracks in Florida

Let’s face it, motorcycle racing is not one of the things for which the Sunshine State is best known. That, in any case, is not because there is a lack of bold, bearded bikers in Florida (and others of other kinds). The reason why motorcycle racing may be on the backburner in the state is because there are so many other ways through which the intrepid adventurer can keep themselves entertained. Just take the hundreds of miles of beaches as an example. With so much to see, who has got time for motorcycling, right? So, what are some of the best Motorcycle Tracks in Florida?

Florida is a serious motorcycling state

Well, wrong! Florida is as serious as they come when it comes to the sport. Indeed, you will find, in the State, bikers who are as hard core as they can be found anywhere else. Combine the love of motorcycling with the rolling beaches that we have just mentioned above, and you have the makings of a veritable epic.

  1. Daytona Beach

Just to illustrate how serious Florida is about motorcycle racing, the State is home to Daytona Beach, one of the most popular motorcycle and general racing tracks in the United States. If it’s adrenaline that you are looking for, then you won’t go wrong here.

The Daytona Bike Week

Held in March every year, the Daytona Bike Week is one of the largest events of its kind in the entire world. The Daytona Bike Week has been around for 77 years, also making it one of the enduring gatherings of motorcycling enthusiasts that the globe has ever seen.

The next Daytona Bike Week is scheduled for 8-17 March, 2019, and will, as is the case every year, be filled with street festivals, bike shows, rallies, concerts, motorcycle races and much more! All of this is guaranteed to leave the adrenaline junky in you screaming for more.

  1. Sebring International Raceway

In operation since 1950, Sebring International Raceway has, without doubt, been around long enough to have seen it all. Indeed, the track is largely regarded as a classic by racing enthusiasts in the United States.


Sebring International Raceway is located at 113 Midway Drive, Sebring, Florida, 33870.

Which events does it host?

The track is best known for the following events;

  • The Sebring 12 Hour
  • SVRA Vintage Classic
  • Club Events
  • Open Test Days

All about endurance

One of the things that the uninitiated need to do before heading over to Sebring is to have properly padded seats. That’s because Sebring International Raceway is all about endurance. This applies for both motorcycle and car racing.


As is the case everywhere else, Sebring has a set of rules that racers and visitors need to abide by;

  • Drones are not allows on the tracks
  • Similarly, pets are not allowed
  • No bonfires
  • Off-road vehicles also have restricted access.

Other than the above, you should be good to go when it comes to have a quality time at Sebring International Raceway, either as a racer or as a spectator. That’s because the place has several up to standard hotels, which should help ease your stay.

  1. Palm Beach International Raceway

Palm Beach International Raceway is another famed raceway that can be found in the Sunshine State. Located west of Juniper, this racecourse boasts of world class facilities, including a drag strip that runs for a quarter of a mile.

As is the case with Sebring International Raceway, Palm Beach is not limited to motorcycles. The track, which has been around since 1964, is used by adrenaline junkies on all types of motorized vehicles.


The following rules apply for Palm Beach International Raceway;

  • Pets are not allowed
  • No glass containers

The great thing about Palm Beach is that you will be able to find something to suit your tastes. The raceway has a drag strip, a kart track and a road course.

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