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Latest Motorcycle Fails on YouTube

If you haven’t been on YouTube lately, then you have definitely been missing out. Each day that passes, it appears, brings new funny fail videos. We do have to suppose that the fails are not really that funny if you are one doing the tumbling. This article takes a look at some of the motorcycle fails that can be found on YouTube.

Motorcycle Cameras

Before showing you the latest motorcycle fails that are out there, let us begin by saying YouTube owes a lot to the development of personal cameras. Motorcycle cameras are one version of the kind of equipment that has enabled us to get so many films of people tumbling unceremoniously to the ground. They  usually shout “I am okay,” to hilarity from their friends and family, but that’s another matter entirely.

Motorcycle fails on YouTube

Here, in any case, are some of the latest motorcycle fails that can be found on YouTube;

The video above is a compilation of some of the motorcycle fails that have been occurring around the globe.

  1. In Second Gear

The clip begins with a group of bikers racing along on a partially deserted road. It’s the wheelie that does in the guy who is doing the recording. After bringing his bike back to the ground, he, for some reason, fails to maintain control. The result is a tumble that could only have been painful.

“Holly …!,” indeed. The unfortunate biker then goes on to tell the camera that he is “all good,” which, we suppose, could be an indication that he has suffered a concussion of sorts. After witnessing that fall, it’s quite clear that the dude could not have been “all good.”

  1. Night Riders

Riding a bike is, as we are always pointing out whenever we are feeling particularly melancholic, a rather dangerous undertaking. Indeed, motorcycles are some of the deadliest forms of transportation that can be found out there.

Riding your motorcycle in daylight is, as we were just saying, quite perilous. That, perhaps is part of the thrill. Nevertheless, biking in the dead of night does appear to be bordering on the foolhardy, particularly if you are doing it just for the fun of it.

The clip starting from the 50 seconds mark is rather gory. That is the case for the unfortunate guy who, as you see, is stuck by the bike on which the camera is riding. We just hope the dude’s injuries were not that serious. Okay, who are we fooling? You can tell the injuries were serious from the rather sad music that comes up on the video at this point.

  1. The lone falll

The guy in the next clip, from the 1.35 minute point, really has nobody to blame but himself for falling onto the hard tarmac. The guy actually has the track to himself. He is blithely cruising along when a sudden burst in speed does him in. Losing balance, he goes tumbling to the ground. Fortunately, part of the fall is on the grass on the side of the road.

  1. Wheelie gone wrong

The next clip is that of a wheelie gone wrong. We do suppose that falling is part of the process of learning how to perform one. Hopefully, the guy is not seriously injured. From the way he goes crawling back onto the road, one gets the feeling that some part of him has been injured.

  1. A lucky fail

You know how it is that when something bad happens, your woes just seem to get compounded? Say you are walking down the street when a tree suddenly decides to fall on you. Such videos exist on YouTube, if you think we are exaggerating. Afterwards, if you are still alive, you then wonder how it was that you could have been so unfortunate. After standing in one place for decades, that particular tree just had to decide to fall on you.

Well, the dude in the clip from the 2:24 mark is rather fortunate. For some reason, he clatters from his bike at an intersection. The fortunate bit is that though the fall appears painful enough, the intersection just happens to be empty as he goes flying across. Otherwise the result would have been too gory to be used as a fail.

Shipping your motorcycle

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