Best Motorcycle Fails 2018

Funny Motorcycle Fails to begin the year 2018

Okay, the first thing that we need to acknowledge here is that there is nothing funny about falling off a motorcycle at high speed. At least there is nothing funny if you are the one who is sitting on the doomed bike. However, YouTube has, perhaps not surprisingly, turned everything into a concert, and who are we to deny the fact that some of the falls that are being uploaded onto the platform on a daily basis are hilarious?

Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle safety is, without doubt, a topic on which we have dwelt a lot on this blog. In fact, some of our readers have even accused us of trying to kill the fun! So, this is a lighthearted post that looks at a very serious issue.

Funny Motorcycle Fails

Countless motorcycle fails exist on YouTube, as we have already alluded to. We, however, recently came across the video clip above and thought we would join in the fun along with our readers;

  1. An Accident Waiting to Happen

As is the case with most of the fails that are uploaded to YouTube, one gets the feeling, right from the get go, that the dude in the  first scene of the video is going to do something stupid. I mean, it’s all very well to play around with the revs on your bike while holding the brakes. However, any slight letting up results in a spectacular fall. In spite of our reservations about safety, we actually do have to admit that the clip is hilarious.

  1. The Poor Wheelie

Performing a wheelie on the open highway is a good idea, particularly when you have friends nearby waiting to record every one of your falls, right? The wheelie in the scene that comes next appears to be rather well executed; until the dude on the bike takes it too far and goes tumbling unceremoniously onto the hard tarmac. The crash actually looks half bad, but we do have to suppose that it was not as bad at it looked. Otherwise the said friends would not have uploaded the video to YouTube. Hopefully…

  1. Slippery Slope

The motorcyclist in the third scene goes tumbling onto the road, not because he wanted to suddenly stop for some pedestrians on the pedestrian crossing (there are no pedestrians on the crossing). His fall is, in actual fact, attributable to the fact that it is raining, and he does not appear to adjust his speed to the fact.

Riding your bike is, even under the best of conditions, something of a perilous undertaking (that is where the thrill lies). However, in rain, it becomes openly dangerous. Fortunately for the guy in the video clip, his crash appears more hilarious than fatal.

  1. Plain Stupid

Okay, the fourth clip is, it has to be said, plain stupid. However, as already noted, commonsense does not appear to be a commodity that’s floating around freely these days. That is particularly the case when it comes to YouTube and the videos that are posted to it.

In the fourth clip, the biker appears to be trying to execute one stunt or the other. Unfortunately, it is obvious that he is bound to fail. The pavement takes him back down to earth, literally, which we hope is a lesson well learnt.

  1. Eating Dust

If any fail can be called uninspiring, then the one in the fourth clip is the one. The biker in the scene appears to be on the verge of realizing his goal of riding his bike up a hill. However, at the last moment, the guy loses his balance, leading to a not so spectacular fall. He should, perhaps, find a bigger slope next time?

  1. Into the Water

One of the reasons why most of the people fail in the videos that are uploaded to YouTube is the fact that they take things a bit far. A stunt that should be over in a few seconds gets taken too far, leading to fall.

The usual reason for this are the friends who are hanging around, as is the case in the 6th scene in the video clip. The scene starts with a shirtless biker burning rubber, with smoke billowing from the back wheel of his poor bike.

All appears fine, till he gives in to his friends’ egging ons. Then the stunt becomes an involuntary wheelie and, with the rider tumbling unceremoniously off, the bike falls into the conveniently placed pool. I suppose, the poor biker holding his head in both hands helps matters.

Other Clips

Watch the video above for more hilarious motorcycle fail clips. Again, most of the fails, we do have to say, are down to plain human stupidity and misadventure. But then, what is life without that?

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