The Diversity of Motorcycles

The Diversity of Motorcycles


Riding a motorbike is fun! For some it’s a way of life, for others it’s a recreational hobby and others use it as their primary mode of transport. But every time I start up my bike, it ignites a thrill and awareness in me that never runs out. But have you ever wondered about the diversity of motorcycles?

Over the ages, the motorcycle has entered into the American culture as an evolving personal expression and possession. What began as a need for speed for the thrill seekers after World War II has ended up as a part of an everyday occurrence for some people who use the bike as their primary mode of transportation. In between then and now, the motorbike has morphed its appearance and uses over and over again.


With that ever-changing development, a commercial market has sprung up that is an industry unto itself. Each time you think that the evolution of the motorbike has stopped, someone develops a new style or use. Some bikes are built for speed, others for long distance travel. There are bikes for off road use and some are hybrids to be used both on and off the road. Each manufacturer has their own specific style, which to the trained eye and ear is instantly recognizable. Along with the changing styles have come accessories. You can get protective gear for all different purposes. Someone who rides an off road bike will purchase completely different jackets, helmets, gloves, boots and eyewear, to someone who rides a cruising bike, built for long slow rides down winding, coastal roads.

People ride bikes for different reasons. With the recent increase in gas prices, small bike and scooter purchases have grown exponentially. The investment of a smaller bike to travel or commute shorter distances has enabled people to save money on fuel. This in turn, introduced a whole new class of person to the joys of riding a motorcycle. Traffic becomes more bearable, the scenery changes and that sleepy morning commute, becomes an alert adventure that can replace that first cup of morning coffee.

Moto-cross is another area that has experienced a recent growth in the bike industry. The popularity of the X Games and the wild and crazy tricks these riders can do has really caught the kids’ imagination. Of course that brings into play a whole new customization of a motorbike. It appeals to a younger market and actually has become a sport that fathers and sons can enjoy together. Families pack their trailers with off road vehicles and head to the local sand dunes to test the limits of these lightweight and flexible machines. Along with the growth of the bikes, the marketability of the products that have sponsored the professional riders has grown. Energy drinks are huge sponsors and rely on the high paced, thrill a minute sport to sell their drinks.

In a nutshell, motorcycles and industries surrounding them and their riders is an ever-growing commercial entity. There is always a new avenue to explore as long as there are people ready to hop onto the two wheels to put a smile on their face.

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